10 Smart Tips To Save iPhone Battery

Apple’s iPhones is a delight to have. It has excelled in the field of technology with some amazing innovations that changed the world of cellphones forever. The touchscreen, apps, music store, sleek design and many other such features make it so popular.

However, the only thing that makes the iPhones users worried is battery life of this device. Many people complain about the short battery life but there are some tricks through which you can substantially increase the battery life. These tips can also help you to make some calls emergency situations.


Most people keep the Wi-Fi search on even when they have no use of it. This practice will however cause serious battery loss and should be avoided. Try use Wi-Fi only when needed.


Just like Wi-Fi, people use 3G continuously. You can save phone’s battery by turning off the 3G option when you don’t really need it or when you don’t need high speed data transfers or video calls.

In iPhones, you can turn off 3G through General Setting of Network. But make sure to turn it on when needed.


You don’t really need the full brightness at all times. Although, iPhones have light sensors which automatically choose the brightness setting as per the environment, if still your phone is showing the low battery signal then adjust the brightness on the lower side. Go to settings menu and turn the auto brightness off.


There is really no need to keep the Bluetooth on of the iPhone for no reasons. You can manually turn it off or on when needed, this will also save a lot of battery for the phone. Go to General settings and turn off the Bluetooth.

Cellular Data

If you are running low on battery and really want to extend sometime of phone usage then you can surely afford to turn the Cellular Data option off. Obviously, it has no use in making calls so you can turn it off for making some emergency calls. Go to General Settings and turn Cellular Data off through Network.

Vibration and Sounds

Significant battery life can be saved by turning the vibrate mode off. Notably, vibrating eats up a lot of battery so it should only be used when very necessary. You can also turn down the volume of ringtones to save some more power.


The autolock feature in iPhone enables user to set a time after which phone goes to a sleep mode. It is also suggested that you remove any screensavers to further facilitate power saving. Set the phone for a faster sleep mode initiation for better results.

Location Service

Location Service is based on GPS satellites and it informs about the position of the device.

Consider to kill it too. Although, it may not save much of power immediately, still is good for long term usage.

Push Mail

Consider turning off the mail fetching service too which notifies after every 15-20 minutes about a new mail.

If there is something important, you can always check it manually.