10 Tips and Tricks for New Users in Google+

People are flocking towards Google + like anything. Even most of your friends would have joined this new social networking website by Google and would be pressurizing you to use it. And if you feel lost in the interface then it is actually not your fault, Google +’s interface is very innovative and different from what you might be using on any other social network. Therefore, we have listed some really great tips for you to understand Google + quickly.

Use the Circles

Circles works just like groups. You can create various circles in order to separate your friends, relatives and professional relationships.

This way it is easier to manage everything without messing around. Try adding people to different circles and see how it works.

Add Info

If you haven’t entered information about yourself then consider doing it. It is actually not very difficult to do, just click on the profile icon at the top near photos and circles.

This link will take you to your profile; locate the ‘Edit Profile’ icon in blue colour on the top right and click on it to add information.

Disable Post Sharing

The beauty of G+ is that you can choose and allow your posts to be public or personal. Posts can also be shared even with a single person.

Under the home section, when you type or paste a post in the box, select Public or other circle to share it. Alternatively, you can also select people from circles by clicking on that particular circle.

Post Links

The public posts can be shared on other websites too. In order to get the link to your post, click on the little down arrow sign in front of your post to get a drop down menu.

Use the ‘Link to this post’ to find a new window and select the link from the address bar.

Drag and Drop

With Google + you don’t need to click on the attach file option to get a window assistance for uploading a file. You can do it directly by dragging the file to the post box.

Try to drag and drop an image and see how it works.

Circle Settings

If you don’t want to see certain circles in your profile then go to Edit Profile and click on the circle boxes at left and use the window to set your preferences.

Profile Pics

If you want to quickly add some profile pictures then again go to Edit Profiles and click on the ‘Add some photos’ just under your name and description and easily add photos.


You can also choose to notify friends about the post in your circle. While posting something, click on the circle that will be able to see the post and you’ll find the settings there.

Places You Have Lived

Visit the Edit Profile option to enter the places you have lived at. This option is great to show people where you have been in a map.

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Google + has recently integrated games too.

Look for the games icon at the top near the Circles icon. You can choose from a variety of games here by third party providers.