10 Ways To Make Money With Facebook

It is a fact that you cannot earn money without the support of other people who offer a helping hand as clients, lenders, and target users. So, how about targeting Facebook where there are no less than 650 million users?

This sounds like a big opportunity for entrepreneurs who can earn money by learning how to influence such a giant social network. The magnetic greed behind targeting Facebook is that a single penny from every five to seven users would end up in a cumulative sum of dollars in millions from the rest of the relevant ones.

If you are an entrepreneur who wish to make more money via Facebook, the very first task for you is to design your own Facebook page wherein you can promote and sell your offers. Although it is not that easy to advertise and sell directly to the users on Facebook, there are yet a myriad of ways via which they can visit your page for increasing sales and profit. So, let us check out some ways of using Facebook to make money online.

Show The Like Button on Sales and Opt-in Pages

According to those who have used this button, they have literally got hundreds of people for building big customer lists. To act in a bit unique manner, consider customizing the appearance of Like.

Make Sale Offers Via Facebook Ads

In case of product-based offers, Facebook ads can drive good amount of targeted traffic to your page. Some of the tips for advertizing with Facebook include offering gifts and coupons, targeting multiple demographics, displaying ads with chicks, and focusing on tips by Facebook.

Include A Facebook Store On Your Page

Once you start getting some considerable amount of Likes, it is wise to create a Facebook store via the Garage Sale tool offered by Facebook. Adding it to your profile page will list the stuff that you want to sell, bill the buyer’s credit card automatically, and deposit money directly into Pay Pal at the deduction of 5% commission.

Post On Your Page Daily

If you post on a daily basis, you get the benefits of optimizing the ad and twisting the message, which are not offered by the automatic ads generated by apps. Just posting content from your blog will divert much traffic to your site.

Show eBay List On Your Page

In case you are selling via eBay, just explore the eBay Marketplace application to monitor what is being bought and sold on eBay. When your friends will watch this, they too will visit your eBay list for purchase.

Earn Commissions Via The Lemonade Stand

Lemonade Stand refers to an app that focuses on affiliate referral earnings. Through this app, you can display products for sale and earn a commission in case the items do not belong to you.

Include A Custom Tab

A custom Facebook page is a great idea to generate your e-mail list. To do so, you need to explore the static FBML application that inserts custom html into tabs, which can also embed an opt-in form to provide a free gift.

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Lend Money

If you have more money and are looking for where to invest, use the Lending Club app via which you can lend money to make money in form of interest. Do not worry; just read its terms and get convinced that it is safe. Moreover, the legal issues are being handled by the club itself.

Become A Facebook Page Customizer

At present, several businesses are looking forward to enhance the look of their Facebook pages, but are not aware of the ‘how’ aspect of it. So, if you know how to create custom pages, you can certainly earn handsomely.

Sell Music

Have you heard of Music Blaster? Well, it is becoming famous nowadays, as it can add a small music store on your page for selling music from BlastMyMusic.com.

If any song is sold, you earn 5% as commission for it. The best part is that you can assist your beloved band in gaining wider exposure while making money simultaneously.