10 Ways To Protect Yourself from Cell Phone Radiation

208 million out of 1.9 billion cell phones users are in the United States of America, says the recent estimation report of the researchers. With this, WHO has confirmed about an increase in the alarm among the users with regards to the link between the health problems and cell phone radiation.

Yes, it is true that the cell phone radiation is harmful and can lead to brain tumors, Alzheimer’s, high blood pressure, headaches, and cancer. Although these effects are growing steadily, studies are yet lacking for the same, which is even more terrifying.

However, due to many precautions suggested by the experts, the good news is that it can never be too late for anyone to protect oneself from the cell phone radiation. Therefore, it is obvious that why so many people would like to know about the protection from the cell phone radiation. So, here are the top 10 ways to protect yourself from the cell phone radiation.

Choose A Smart Phone

Buy a phone with low Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) meaning low cell phone radiation by checking the SAR level in the manual, which should be lower. Next, buy an EMF protection headset that is scientifically tested to reinforce your bioenergy against EMF. You can also try a 3G phone, as reports say that they emit less radiation.

Prefer SMS, Not Call

Messaging needs less signal power than calls. This means that opting SMS than a call is a smart way to protect yourself from the cell phone radiation.

Limit the Use

This has to be in terms of calls and call duration both of which must be less and short respectively. As a tip, attend emergency calls only and that too for a very short time. Did you know that even a call of 120 seconds have a bad impact on your brain that last for at least 60 minutes? Further, when not in use, kindly switch off the phone.

Wait To Bring Near Ear

Do so until the connection occurs. This is mandatory when you are using the cell without a headset.

Say No To Children

Children should not be given phones unless it’s an emergency. Their developing brains get a great setback due to the cell phone radiation.

Not In Back Pockets Please!

Never put the phones in back pockets while in use, as the lower tissues can absorb the radiation faster than the head.

Not in Front Pockets Either!

Front pockets are close to heart that can function abnormally due to the cell phone radiation penetrating deeply. Therefore, beware!

Use As Per The Signal Strength

In case of lower signal such as one bar, never make a call or take only the urgent ones. This is because such situation means more hard work to make a connection.

Avoid Enclosed Metal Spaces

Use in elevators or on vehicles is harmful, as phones need more power for the connection in these places. Further, the metal reflects the cell phone radiation to the users, which badly affects their health.

Sleep Away

If you sleep for six hours with the phone residing within the radius of 6′, experts says that nothing can be worse than this. Therefore, switch off your cell or keep it far away from your sleeping spot.