2 Ways To Lock A PC Keyboard

Have you ever felt the dire need of locking your PC keyboard? You must have felt so when your toddlers start hitting the keys to trigger weird things, pets start playing with your keyboard accidentally, and when guests start using your PC just for fun. While playing with your keyboard is fun for them, it can cause major problems for you.

For example, your toddler can delete an important file unintentionally or your pet can close the anti-virus program by mistake. They are really too novice to know what they are doing. Therefore, you seriously cannot blame them. Then, should guests be blamed? Well, you can only do so if they wish to fulfill a wicked motive.

Ways To Lock A PC Keyboard

So, if you want to prevent any of these unwanted events, you must lock your keyboard when you are not in front of your PC. You can lock a keyboard either via the built-in Window utilities such as Ctrl + Alt + Del or via some great third-party programs. In this article, let’s look at the two famous programs that can lock a keyboard as well as a mouse together while still enabling you to utilize your PC.

2 Ways To Lock A PC Keyboard

Lock The Desired Keys And Buttons For All With Kid-Key-Lock

Although the program name indicates that it is mainly for kids, you can use it in various scenarios. With the help of Kid-Key-Lock that is a freeware, you can lock both keyboard and mouse. You can choose to lock all keys, only system key combinations (Win, Ctrl, and Alt), all keys except character keys, or all keys except Space, Enter, and character keys.

Ways To Lock A PC Keyboard

Isn’t this really useful? Apart from that, you can ask the program to lock only your left mouse button, right mouse button, or the wheel. In addition, you can even lock double click.

Ways To Lock A PC Keyboard

Talking about the other setup options, you are allowed to set up passwords for loading the setup and closing the program. The best part is that you can enter these passwords at any point of time even when the keyboard is locked. Such allowance is required if you have locked all keys and mouse buttons. Even more admirable is the fact that this program can remind you of your password when you start typing it.

In short, Kid-Key-Lock is a flexible program. You can download it from http://www.100dof.com/kidkeylock.html.

Immobilize All Keys And Buttons In One Click With KeyFreeze

Do you wish to lock your keyboard fully at once without selecting the options as in the case of the above program? If yes, then I assume that you do not like too many settings. In this case, you can consider this freeware that locks your mouse and keyboard in one go, but not the screen.

Ways To Lock A PC Keyboard

This is the ideal program that we all desire, as it does not impede your child’s entertainment even if the keyboard and mouse are locked. She/he can easily watch a cartoon or a movie and can even play with the keyboard (even if it is locked) without giving you any kind of tension.

You can download KeyFreeze from http://keyfreeze.com/. Interestingly, it is a matter of single click to install this freeware. Upon running it, a small popup window appears with the Lock Keyboard & Mouse button.

Now, you need to click it after which a countdown begins for locking the keyboard and mouse in next five seconds. To unlock, just press Ctrl + Alt + Del and Esc. So, which one do you think is better? Do reveal that in your comments!