3 Hidden Features In Google Advanced Search You May Not Know About

Google has been the most successful search engine in the world, basically because of the simplicity and great features. And now other search engines are also trying hard to beat Google.

Microsoft is constantly upgrading its search engine Bing to match Google’s standards and Google too is working very hard to provide as many options to its users as possible. However, there are some features in Google’s search engine that you may not know about. These are the advanced search options that most of the users ignore. Let’s find out how this works.

Regional Search

If someone tells you that Google can search images and sort them by region, you would probably choose to disagree. However, this is possible; Google can actually fetch images from a desired location. Now next time you use Google to search images then click on the advanced search option and you will be directed to a new window.

There will be several options available in the advanced search option and you can customize it to suit the requirements. You can set the image size, aspect ratio, image type, image source, image color and under the ‘Need More Tools?’ section you can find ‘Region’ below ‘File Type’. Set the region you prefer and search images as you want.


Sometime, you get stuck in a very awkward situation while surfing with family. Google may also fetch some of the adult content that may embarrass that is inappropriate for children. So you can turn on the SafeSearch option to filter the results. Either you can choose it manually for every search or can set it as default preference.

Go to the advanced search options and navigate to Usage right section, you will find SafeSearch in this section just under Numeric range, turn it on. Furthermore, if you are searching images, SafeSearch will be available at last. Also there are three levels of filtering available images, no filter, moderate and strict.

Video with Subtitles

Google offers many interesting options to search videos too. You will find a variety of preferences under advanced search options to customize as required. Firstly, you can search for videos in a preferred language, and then you can set the duration for the video which is being searched and set the date and quality too.

However, one striking feature in this section is ‘Subtitles’ option. Google can search for videos which have the subtitle facility.


Google is not only the most popular search engine, it is the best too. The speed and ease with which Google customises the searches is unbelievable. The users should keep an eye on all the latest available features to facilitate their search.

Although, you can search without using the advanced search options too, still there are times when it is impossible to get the desired content. So now you can use the advanced measure to command Google to search within a specific parameter to better result generation. Try some of the features and see the difference yourself.