3 Tips for Customizing the New Facebook Home Page

Today everyone wants control of the apps they are using. One needs customization abilities in software and even in operating systems. A ‘control panel’ is necessary. Facebook has also come up with such options to allow you to choose what you need on your home page.

Now you can explore Facebook better than before. Here are three of the most important but commonly needed tips that will set the ball rolling for you. Try them out to see what Facebook has served for you.

Group Friends Into Friend Lists And Use Them To Filter Your Feed

Let us begin with one of the more interesting options – the friends list. Sorting a friends list has become easier than before. According to Facebook, a group of friends is what a ‘Friends List’ is all about. As in personal life we can share things with our friends, so can we do the same on Facebook too.

group friends

The new customization options are really useful. You can now group your entire friends list with appropriate headings. You may have friends at work – “Work Friends”, you may have friends from you high school – “High School Friends” etc. Group you friends accordingly and you are done. You can now create filters only on certain groups to get the feeds only from that specific group.

create new friends list

Hide Friends Whose Updates You Do Not Want To See

Is it really necessary for you to keep the entire feed going, on your home page, if you hardly even look at it? No problem. Now you can hide friends from your home page altogether.

hide friends updates

Once you hide certain friends from the list, you will not be able to see the content that is shared by them. For that, select only those friends whom you think do not share content that is important or interesting to you.

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Change Your Default Home Page Filter

You can now change the look of your default home page. Select the options and friends that you want and ‘dump’ those who you do not. You can do so by dragging and dropping the friends list above the “News Feed” option on the left hand side of your screen.

It is possible that you are yet unaware of this filter. But it does not take too long. Make a friends list of your own and you will discover how rich this feature is. Once you know it, it will keep you engaged.

change default home page filter

Now, once you are done with the customization, the only updates you will see is from the friends list of your choice. E.g. if you have chose the “Best Friends” list, then you will be provided with only those feeds emanating from this list on your home page.

At this time, Facebook allows you to have networks and friends list which you can manipulate as your News Feed filter. The users yet do not have control over the apps. However, you can organize the apps in this section. So, you can keep your preferred ones at the tops – for easy viewing.