3 Tools to Download Facebook Photo Albums

A lot of people these days spent majority of their time on Facebook simply for exchanging photographs with their friends and family. Storing personal photos and sharing them with everyone on their friend list is one of the most used and admired Facebook feature.

In fact, it will be quite surprising to know that more than 60 billion photographs have already been shared by the members of Facebook amongst each other. Everyday when we log on to our Facebook account, we see our friends sharing different photos in the form of albums.

download facebook album

There are times when we like some of these pictures so much and want to save them on our computer. But doing this manually can be quite cumbersome. Given below are some excellent tools that will help you download Facebook photo albums with just a few clicks.


PhotoGrabber is an application which makes it extremely easy for us to download the Facebook albums of any of our friends. It is also widely used for social media monitoring of one’s own children’s photos.

All you need to do is install the application, allow it to access your data on Facebook, and select your friend whose photographs you want to download from the list. With this application, you get the options of

•    Downloading all the photos in which the selected friend has been tagged.
•    Downloading all the albums containing the selected friends’ photos.
•    Downloading all the albums that have been uploaded by the selected friend.
•    Downloading tagging information and comments on the photograph.

tool to download facebook photo album

Simply select the destination folder, wait for some time, and all your photos will soon be saved on your PC.

Fluschipranie (for Firefox)

Fluschipranie is a Firefox 4 plugin that does not require you to restart the browser’s after installation. All you have to do is install the plugin, browse to the album on Facebook, and right-click on the link.

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You will see a new ‘fluschipranie Download’ option. Provide a base name to your photos and your downloaded photographs will be named serially using the same base name.

fluschipranie to download facebook photo album

(For example, base_name_1, base_name_2, etc.). Finally point to the folder where you want the photographs to be saved and then click download. A new Opera extension on the same lines is to be launched in the near future.

Pick n Zip

Pick n Zip is a new freeware tool that permits you to download Facebook photo albums within a single PDF or zip file. There is no need to download any software to the computer in order to use this to tool. To use this service, simply login to the pick n zip site at http://www.picknzip.comusing your Facebook credentials.

You will see your list of friends appearing on the left side from where you can select any of the friends name. After this, the selected friends’ albums will appear and you can choose to download the entire album or a particular photo. With the help of this website, you can download photographs even from pages or groups.