3 Ways Facebook Is [Seemingly] Combating Google+

Earlier, when Google + was unveiled, many people absolutely loved the innovations it had to offer. The circles, hangouts, sparks everything was so new about it. However, people didn’t totally move on to Google +, mainly because most of their friends preferred Facebook.

Now Facebook is updating itself frequently too and with so many new things, people really don’t want to go to G + when everything is available at Facebook. One would assume that Facebook is copying from Google + to save its position but actually it is adapting to keep up with the competition. Let’s see how Facebook has prepared for the epic combat.

Mange How you Share Posts

Google + really did a great job by integrated Circles and the capability to share thing with only a certain group. The credit of this facility remains with G+ only. However, Facebook has gone one step further by recently launching the lists. You can now control the visibility of your posts right from the posting box. So, don’ worry about how your family or boss will react about reading the status of your last night party.

You can hide the posts from certain people as if you never posted anything like that. However, just make sure that there is no mole in your best friends’ group who can show that post to your boss.

View Profile As

‘View As’ is a new privacy tool from Facebook which takes the security features a notch ahead. However, you cannot say that it is an original idea as Google + has the ‘Viewing profile as’ from some time. Even the design of this function in Facebook is similar to that of Google +.

Actually, this privacy feature helps the user to view his/her own profile as someone else i.e. you can view that how a specific person in your friend list would look at you profile information and then you can hide the information that you don’t want to be shared with that person. Obviously, it could be very helpful to see that what impression you give through the profile.

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Photos and Tagging

If you are tired of people tagging you in random photos or friends uploading your disastrous photos on your wall then there is no need to feel embarrassed.

With the new privacy settings, you can control how photos and tags work. However, you’ll have to activate this feature and in order to do this, navigate to ‘Privacy Settings’ in your profile and then locate ‘How tags work’.

And easily manage the way you want the tags to work here and after that, if someone tags you, the request would come to you which can be accepted or rejected. People say that Facebook has taken some features from G+, but actually G+ did that too. Moreover, Facebook has to keep up with the competition and there is really very less left to be innovative. Anyways, we do expect some new features from Facebook in the future to outplace Google +.