30 Google+ Tips To Enhance Your Google Plus Experience

As we all know, blogging and social networking has become a trend. Almost everyone is trying their hand at it. Amongst all the websites available, even Google decided to launch its own that is called as Google+. Tips To Enhance Your Google Plus Experience
It has loads of easy to use applications and helps you easily manage your account. So if you also wish to make your Google+ experience even better, then below are mentioned 30 tips that will surely enhance your Google+ experience.

30 Google+ Tips To Enhance Your Google Plus Experience

Profile Pictures

Google Plus experience You can simply click on your profile picture and effortlessly rotate them.

J and K

Click on J to go down in the page and K to go up.

Text Modification

One can use the following signs to make your text look different. If you use * your text*, then the text will become bold. Use (_) your text (_) to make your text in italics.


Enhance Google Plus experience On the right side of Timestamp, click on Limited and you will be able to see who all are sharing the post with you.

Special Someone

Google+ tips to enhance Google Plus experience To make a special mention about someone, use @ or + before the name.


30 Google+ tips If you click on it, you will get a permalink on any of the posts.


30 Google+ tips to enhance Google Plus experience Share will allow you to share any post.


Google Plus experience Picture editing is also possible in Google+. Select any picture and click on action>edit photo. Google Plus experience

Resize Chat

30 Google+ tips It allows you to resize the chat area. Use the arrows along the chat box and resize it.


Google+ tips Any post can be muted that is annoying you with notifications. Select the “mute this post”button and you are done.

Posts by You

Posts by You

You can edit the post made by you. Select on the options edit this post, delete this post, disable commentsand disable reshare. Any of these can be chose by you.

Mute this Post

Google Plus It will stop notifications of the post you commented or shared on.

Direct Sharing

Direct Sharing

You can simply share anything from your Gmail accountwithout opening Google+.


Google+ tips Edit the visibilityof your profile by clicking on a few options.

Q key

By clicking twice, you will be able to add and search people.


Pressing enterwill open a comment box.

Receive Notifications

It can be edited too by going on settings.


People sharing your stuff will be shown.


Anything not liked by you can be put under the feedback area.

Join G+

Invite anyone on their email and ask them to click on learn more about G+ and they will be able to join it.

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You can enable email feature too.

Mouse Scroll

It will help you navigate in the photo gallery.

Enable Chat

Chat with all your friends.

Drag and Drop

Enhance Your Google Plus Experience
You can do this with your photos.

Manage Friends Circle

30 Google+ Tips
You can edit the visibility of your friends circleon your profile for everyone to see by just editing it.

+1 Tab

Enhance Your Google Plus Experience Make use of this tab on a public basis


One can add other links too.

Gender Settings

Tips To Enhance Your Google Plus Experience User is allowed to edit the gender settingsunder privacy options.

Remove Comments

Remove Comments

User can easily delete comments.

Renaming Albums

Enhance Your Google Plus Experience

Albums can be renamed in Google+