4 Reasons Google+ Brand Pages Will Be Better Than Facebook’s

Google is also all set to launch its first Google+ brand page about which a lot of talks and fury has already emerged among internet users across the world. With millions of users already, Google has become one of the premier social networking giants amidst its big tech competitors like the Facebook.

And the increasing popularity and the user density make it clear how they have succeeded in rooting and branching in the field. With the introduction of its own Google+ brand pages, Google is ready to incorporate brand profiles in it.

The introduction of Google+ brand pages also leaves the question regarding its best features that can distinguish it from the other social networking sites, especially the Facebook. Now, here is something that you are looking for.

4 Ways To Enhance The Brand Experience With Google+ Brand Pages

Every single demerit of the brand page service offered by the Facebook when countered and improved by Google+ brand page can lead to a better experience to users those are stuck to the Facebook. Thus, the only ways to enhance the brand experience of any site is to find out the huge disadvantages of Facebook and then do every means to improve and enhance them effectively.

Qualifying Traffic With Good Search Opportunities

The first and the most important method for enhancing the brand experience would be to eliminate the problems related with the advertisers. Advertisers always depend on paid media so that they can always be at the place where their audiences are, and social networking places are mostly their hub.

Problems such as limited customization, post click engagement tracking, inefficiencies in paid search are the major demerits that can lower the qualifying traffic. It is anticipated that the launch of Google+ brand pages would provide better search opportunities than Facebook in such a way that high CTR (Click-through rate) would increase the quality score of Google than any other sites.

Better Creativity And Customization

Other than limiting the skinning of the brand pages with just ads and a few poll or video as is found in the Facebook, Google+ brand page is looking for better customization of its page display which supports rich media ads with double click marketing products, adwords, etc that delivers stronger brand experience than ever.

Incorporation Of Google Analytics Into Google+ Brand Pages

Through its Google+ brand pages, Google aims at providing better valuable insights into its data so that the users are endowed with the opportunity to acquire several details like geographic information, referring websites, quality contents, and even know the details of time spend by a user on the page.

This gives a good knowledge of the type of audience you have along with the type of content that interest them. This also enables the advertisers to carry out business with paid media placements.

Providing Open Platform For Conversation

Google+ can customize their features in enhancing brand exposure by learning from what Facebook has offered its users. They can provide valuable information through their branded contents and can even provide open conversation to spread their contents across the web.