5 Alternatives To iTunes 10 for Easily Managing Your iPod

Although, iTunes is a default program for iPod, some users absolutely hate it. They think that it is too slow, difficult to use and bloated. Well, they are not very wrong too, iTunes is actually very slow and for computer not running on the latest processor it can be a nightmare to load iTunes.

Even the recent one, iTunes 10 is also not very different from its predecessors. Hence, if you are also going through a similar problem then we have some alternatives that can replace iTunes on your system.


Foobaar2000 is a fully customizable program and with the help of some other small programs; this software can be totally personalized for iPod. First, you’ll need to download a couple of other free components to make Foobaar200 work. These two components are AAC Codec and iPod Manager.

After that, Foobaar2000 can provide you amazing assistance in converting songs for the iPod. Moreover, the sound quality will also not decline and you can enjoy easy navigation too.

CopyTrans Manager

CopyTrans Manager is also a very popular iTunes substitute that is fast and accurate. It can convert songs and albums for your iPod, iPod Touch and iPhone.

You just need to download and install this program which shouldn’t take much of your time after which it will be ready to connect. You can import playlists in CopyTrans Manager and synchronize them with the Apple device. So, just connect your device with your computer and enjoy this lightweight software.


MediaMonkey can also be used to get rid of the slow and bloating iTunes. The best thing about this program is that you don’t need any other add-ons to customize it for using with iPod. Moreover, this software can handle many music formats like MP3, AAC, APE, FLAC and others.

You also get additional features like an integrated CD/DVD burner, automatic updating, auto playlist and advanced search. It also works with all other MP3 players too. Obviously, MediaMonkey is free but if you want to get some more advanced and mind boggling features then opt for the Gold version which requires a license

Song Bird

Song Bird is another powerful tool which offers some great synchronization features. After the download, when you install this program, make sure to import the iTunes library and then the Song Bird will be totally ready to replace iTunes. You can set auto sync for all the music and playlists or you can do it manually.

Simple drag and drop option is also available which helps in saving time. Other features include visual enhancements like skins which are called feathers and option of installing plugins to further enhance the music.


Our last suggestion in this list is SharePod; it is a good iTunes substitute with a very modest interface. With the help of SharePod, you can transfer videos and music to your Apple device from computer and to computer from the device.

You simply have to highlight the songs, click ‘Copy’ and select the destination to transfer the files successfully. However, this product is still in development stages and can create some minor glitches and errors.