5 Awesome Music Desktop Gadgets For Vista and Windows 7

Music junkies are never satisfied with the pre installed music tools on their computers. They always thrive towards new and vibrant music players and other application that can totally multiply their current music experience.

If you fall under the same category and you use a system running on Windows Vista or Windows 7, then we have some very peppy music applications for you. These are beyond the normal player features and we recommend you to get at least one of them.

ChroniX MetalRadio

Heavy Metal fans will never need anything else than the Chronic MetalRadio. This Windows tool offers some very cool features, you get three teeth which are actually playback channels namely: Aggro (Aggression), Metal and Grit. Each channel offers different type of music.

You can stream with it 24×7 and also get a song request feature. Some of the other features of this application are sleeptimer which can reconnect automatically too, artist/song/album scroll, quick request slots, sound quality from 24 to 128kbits etc. Moreover, the file size is also very small so you can easily download and install it quickly.

iClassic Radio Player

Today, it is not very easy to find the right classical music in the world where people are going crazy for pop and rock. However, if you really like classical then get iClassic Radio Player on your Windows computer. You can find a variety of stations here and with the new updated version; the earlier faults have been corrected too.

iTunes Accessory Gadget

iTunes is surely a bulky application for older systems. Many users also complain that this application is very slow and bloats every now and then. However, if you love iTunes and want a powerful gadget that allows you to play, pause, and control other things without actually opening the iTunes then iTunes Accessory Gadget will surely satisfy you.

It is a very light tool that works very briskly. Users say that the basic control interface of this application is amazing and they prefer to use it than opening iTunes on their Windows system.

UnsignedBandWeb.com Radio

If want to explore some new and different music from emerging bands and new artists, then UnsignedBandWeb.com Radio is totally for you. It is simple, easy to use and very fast tools as a desktop radio. You can choose from over 50 genres, at least three stations are dedicated to each genre to add variety.

Obviously, it is a free tool but the USP of this widget is that you can expose to tracks and bands which you have never heard before. This is a great way of exploring new music and getting over the repeated tracks from the mainstream music industry.

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Media Player Gadget

This gadget works with windows Media player to tie the WMP library. You can quickly search through the library.

Graphical options in this gadget will show the album artwork, track information and visualizations when you play a song. Also, look for some new features offered by the 1.2 version which includes volume controls.