5 Best Chrome Extensions For Google+ Power Users

Although just recently launched, the social networking site called Google+ is gaining an incredible amount of response from the users worldwide. Perhaps, it is the number of cool features that has made it so popular in just two months.

The unique features such as Google Circles, privacy improvements, and sophisticated UI have almost redefined the social networking experience due to which the users are getting pulled like a magnet. This is true despite the fact that Google+ is only available to a fixed number of users, as it is in the Beta stage. There is no doubt that it is offering a tough competition to Twitter and Facebook.

To enrich the social networking experience further, there are Chrome extensions that facilitate better interaction, optimum usage, and efficient navigation for the Google+ Power users. Therefore, it is quite useful to install the Chrome extensions for a higher level of social networking. So, here are the 5 best Chrome extensions for all those who love to enrich the overall Google+ experience. However, just ensure that you have the Google Chrome browser before using the Chrome extensions.

Recommend Web Pages Anytime And Anywhere With Plus One Anything

This is one of the most exciting Chrome extensions via which you can +1 any Web page even if that typical button is not present on the page. Once you have installed this Chrome extension, the +1 icon appears in the browser bar where you can find all the other extensions.

5 Best Chrome Extensions for Google Power Users

Now, you just need to click it after which a novel +1 icon is seen with the desired URL. Finally, just one more confirmation click to go and you are all set to share the Web page with your friends on Google+.

Magnify Snaps With +Photo Zoom

This Chrome extension enables the Google+ Power users to zoom the photos present in the Google+ Stream without a mouse click or scroll. Are you surprised as to how it will zoom the photos without clicking or scrolling?

Well, the +Photo Zoom extension will directly display a magnified version of a snap as soon as you hover your mouse over the picture. You also have flexible options to choose from such as zoom only on a key press, zoom after the specified time, magnify Picassa images, or enlarge external images. The good news is that all these features work without opening any image via a click.

Manage Comments With +Comment Toggle

With this Chrome extension, you get the liberty of hiding or collapsing a comment in the Google+ Stream.

5 Best Chrome Extensions for Google+ Power Users

Once you have done so, you can unhide it whenever you wish to view it. This is useful in case you have to manage a comment-packed stream, which results in a messy look.

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Personalize Your Streams With G+ME

This is among the most awesome Chrome extensions according to the user reviews. If you wish to read the streams with ease, this is the most useful extension for you.
5 Best Chrome Extensions for Google+ Power Users

With this one, you can collapse both posts and comments, view the notification status anytime, mark comments and posts as read, track new comments, preview an item instantly on mouse hover, enjoy viewing thumbnails in collapsed summaries, and more.

Be Notified Constantly With Surplus

Irrespective of the page you are browsing, you can view the Google+ notification alerts and interact with your contacts without actually viewing the Stream or profile page.

5 Best Chrome Extensions for Google+ Power Users

For the Google+ Power users, this Chrome extension loads the notification icon in the browser bar instead of loading it only on the Google+ page.