5 Best Facebook Applications For Official Use

So you thought that Facebook is only for personal usage? Think again, people are increasingly using Facebook for their professional reasons too.

Today, many people meet on Facebook and turn to be partners; even the big companies are not leaving any stone unturned in utilizing the Facebook features like groups and pages. If you are also looking to use Facebook for marketing your product or service or for other professional purposes then we have some really great Facebook apps for you.


You don’t always need the email client to interact with people about work. SlideShare can help you do it right from the Facebook profile. It helps you to share the files, documents and presentations with the people in your friend list. So, you can now add your boss or partner in your list and send him the presentations directly.

Actually, this app assumes that you are in an informal relationship or you want to share documents with close people. The supported file formats are doc, docx, odt, pdf, pps, ppt and pptx.

Pagemodo Pagebuilder

If you have a product or service to market then Pagemodo Pagebuilder is for you. It can help you in designing a Facebook page to be shared with clients and consumers. First, you need to make a Facebook by the name you find suitable and then go to the app for designing.

The best thing about this page designing app is that you don’t need any graphical or technical skill to use it. It is a very easy to use app that can guide you to optimize the page for the target audience.

Rate Point

Rate Point is being widely used by many businesses today. It is more of a feedback app which helps you to stay in touch with people. Moreover, with the help of Rate Point, you can generate news letters about the development of a project or new products to share with the clients.

You can also get reviews and testimonials from clients who liked or disliked your page or products and you can connect this with Twitter too.

Memorable Web Addresses

This app may not offer many features to you but works more as an aide or extension on Facebook. It helps in creating short web addresses for different Facebook pages, groups, and profiles that you really like.

You can even give the short web address to your profile to others so that they don’t have to type your name and search through thousand names to get you. These short web addresses can be easily used on business cards, Twitter and MySpace.

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Market Place
If you want to buy, sell, rent, or look for anything at places near you then use Market Place app. It can absolutely help in promoting the products that you manufacture.

Moreover, if you run any charity then use this app for selling products for your charity and mention what are your causes. Friends’ posting can also be viewed at the Market Place so ask your friends also to join.