5 Best Software Tools To Backup Your Data Safely

Why would you backup your data? Actually, there are two main reasons for it. Firstly, it is very useful to have backup if you lose data in unfortunate situations like computer crash or virus problems. Secondly, it is also helpful to take some load off from the computer’s hard disk.

Many times we wonder what to do for increasing system speed; you should really consider relieving your machine from some of the data that is not usable in day to day life. We have made a list of such software which can help you in this task. These software are very effective to keep the data safe.

Nova Backup

Nova is very powerful backup software packed with some of the most advanced features. It also offers an advanced view mode for the users who have some technical knowledge and want to customize the backup procedure.

If you are looking for a fast back up program then Nova is the right choice. It is available at a cost of $44.95.

Acronis True Image

It is a shareware backing up took for your data which can easily create live images of hard disk. Acronis True Image is helpful when you need to recover whole of your lost data as after using it you can get back to whole copy of the Windows PC.

However, you can also select files and folders to backup. It is available on a 15 day trial version and will cost $50 for the full version.

EAEUS Todo Backup

EAEUS was originally popular for data recovery and after the success of its data recovery tool it also launched a good data backup program. This program can help you in backing up files, folder, complete disks or partitions of the disk.

The software also provides recovery options, disk wiping, and disk cloning, scheduler and image integrity checks. Get this program for a rich data backup experience.

Comodo Backup

Now how about a free tool for data backup purposes? Comodo is a really great application available for Windows 7. You can keep your files safe and can easily access with any computer.

Basically, it provides you online backing facility with various other facilities like burning image of the disk, anytime access and Ultimate and Enterprise editions.

Mozy Home

Mozy Home offers another variant feature of storing unlimited data online for just $5 per month. However, the service is also available for free where you can online backup up to 2GB of your data. The signing up process for this service is also very easy. Give it a try with the free version if you want to take a test drive.

So these were the 5 options you can use to backup your data. However, it is not necessary that you only use one product. Also try using a combination of two or more products, like you can buy a backup tool and still use the free version of other program to enjoy additional features. Just make sure your data is safe as safety is the top most priority.