5 Brilliant Google Lab Experiments

Google is seriously trying to get into everything but it is not said on a bad note. Rather, it is brilliant that we can now experience the simplicity and power of Google everywhere and not just at the search engine.

With the evolution and popularity of Android OS for phones and tablets, Google is now experimenting with some of the most innovative apps that you can use in your phone. If you are unaware of these mind blowing apps by Google then we have made a list for some of them that you might like to try.

Google Goggles

As the name suggest, it is a very peppy and smart application for Android based phones and iPhones. What does Goggles do? Well think if you are in foreign country looking at an architectural masterpiece but you don’t know its name and history so what would you do?

The obvious answer would be to ask a local guy but now with the help of this application, you can click the picture and initiate search on it. Google Goggles will provide various results for the picture from around the world. You can even take the pictures of barcodes and search for related information.

Google Shopper

This application is for shopping savvy people who are smart and don’t like to be cheated or pay more if the same item is available at a lower price somewhere else.

Google Shopper helps you to locate the product with the help of pictures and you can also search for nearby offers on that particular product. You also get rating and user reviews for a certain product which lets you select the local shops that are offering it.

Gesture Search

It is not very easy for all to find contacts by tapping on an Android phone so Google Labs came up with Gesture search. With the help of this app you can draw gestures on the touch screen to quickly find what you are looking for.

It makes it really easier to locate something from a list of thousand items, you can find the required item from contacts, music files, applications, bookmarks and may others. The best is that you can do all this at one place.

Google Listen

Google Listen can further enhance the audio capabilities of your Android phone. This app is dedicated to podcasts and other web audio like news, voice reviews, audio clips and so on.

Even you can get audio magazines to keep up with the pace of the world. Google listen helps to listen, stream, search, subscribe and download audio like never before.

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App Inventor

Now you don’t need any hi-fi technical skills to design a personalized app for the Android phone. With the help of App Inventor, anyone can create your own application with a simple graphical interface.

Just drag and drop the items and create a app like never before for the Android or many other phones. Obviously, it is in the list because App Inventor has been developed by Google Labs.