5 Proven Twitter Marketing Strategies

Twitter promises to provide a lot more services than remaining a mere social network or a microblog. Twitter founders are constantly working to make their micro-blog more adaptable to business marketing and promotions. This might open latest opportunities on Twitter site for online marketing professionals too.

Twitter does not rule out opportunities in adding revenue through ads and banner ads. They seem to be experimenting on various formats of advertisements for Twitter.

Some approved formats include Promoted Accounts and Promoted Trends, under Twitter advertising campaigns. Yet, most of the marketing professionals are unaware of such advertising formats on Twitter. Hence, here are some guidelines to help in improving Twitter marketing strategies.

Publicity of Events using Promoted Trends

Twitter allows the global audiences to browse about latest events and trends on the web. Many people visit Twitter homepage repeatedly to keep an update of trending topics. Hence, Promoted trends provide advertisers with premium positions on trending pages.

They have high clicks and offer more revenue to the businesses. Promoted Trends advertising is particularly beneficial in times of product launches, events and news updates.

Brand Building with Promoted Accounts

For long-term notions of building your brand and marketing, Promoted Accounts is a best choice. It helps to collect several followers, similar to a corporate account. Twitter will display the Promoted accounts to all users who show an interest in the particular company’s products.

For example, if you follow cricket teams, it will show results for promoted accounts related to cricket and encourage users to follow and click on it. This will increase revenue for the Promoted Accounts too.

Using Hash tags

Many marketing professionals and businesses use ‘follow us on Twitter’ widgets and tags. However, hash tags prove to be more efficient in many cases. Many hash tag discussions continue to be dominant topics among Twitter users for long time. Hence, using open-ended hash tags can be a good marketing strategy.

It will invite Twitter users to leave comments, add feedback and participate in discussions, making it a most trending topic. After all, higher publicity means higher page traffic and revenue for an online business.

Counter Programs

Today, creating brand awareness and promoting products has become a craze among various businesses. Marketers will do anything to gain customers.

Some companies use television ad campaigns to attract customers. On the other hand, using Twitter’s Promoted trends can also secure followers and discussions online. It will surely gain several long-term followers who can convert into potential customers

Follow Twitter Users

Another way to generate social media traffic is to follow people on twitter. Many companies now promote their brand on Twitter by using simple marketing strategies. They give rewards to Twitter users for using some phrases in their tweets and messages.

Holding contests, giving away rewards and prizes on Twitter can attract a huge online audience. This can also be a simple yet effective way to promote your product every day on Twitter without diminishing interest. Followers will tweet, share and promote your product in aim of winning a reward.

Thus, use these simple yet proven Twitter marketing strategies to beat competition and promote your products effectively on Twitter.