5 Things You Can Do To Get A Job Via LinkedIn

If Facebook is the best social networking website then LinkedIn is the best professional networking website. According to an estimate, more than 120 million from around the world have their profiles on LinkedIn and the figure increase by around 1 million each week.

And it is not that only jobseekers join LinkedIn, even the employees and companies also register on this website to interact with suitable professionals. There are around 2 million companies in the LinkedIn pages for companies. So, it is pretty much clear that being on LinkedIn can prove to be very beneficial. So, what can you do to attract more employers? We have listed some tips for you.

Profile Headlines

Most of the people fill the details in a hurry after joining LinkedIn, thinking that they’ll do it later with patience but that never happens. If you also fall under the same category then understand that employers are only looking for serious candidates.

Actually, when an employer searches for the potential candidates for a job, he/she looks at your name and headline first and if it is very casual then he moves on. Therefore, don’t use casual headlines like ‘Hi! Hire me’ or something like that, rather list your talents and qualities.

Summary and Experience

Most of the companies like their candidate to have some relevant experience in the field, as it saves the training cost after hiring.

So, make sure that you write you career summary and relevant experience with care. Don’t try to mention too many details, just be clear and to the point. Make sure that you include everything that an employer should know before calling you for an interview.

Company Name

Also, include the company name where you were previously working. People choose to skip this part but it is actually very important. Hiring companies like to know about your previous employers so if the company wasn’t a popular one then provide some details about it. Moreover, if the company was acquired by some other company then provide relevant details in your LinkedIn profile about the same.


We understand that getting recommendations on LinkedIn is not an easy task, especially if you have just started your career. However, try your best to get recommended by some friends and professionals as this gives a positive impression about your profile.

Moreover, if you are a fresh graduate then get recommended by teachers, professors and class fellows. You can mutually recommend each other but make sure that you maintain a professional relation at LinkedIn.

Connections & Groups

Just like having a better social group and connections in real life help you in meeting new and interesting people; it is the same in digital world also. Try to be in contact with as many groups as possible. Join groups and connect with people of your field and take part in discussions.

Actually, you never know who might be on the other side; it can be probably an employer. Therefore, make sure to connect and meet new people.