5 Things You Didn’t Know VLC Could Do

Today, VLC or video LAN client player is gradually climbing higher on the popularity ladder. It is free to download and is compatible with Linux, Windows or Mac.

VLC player can be your single choice for playing varied video or audio formats and file conversions. Many of us only use VLC to playback video recordings and movies on the computer. Here are five more things that you did not know and VLC can do for you.

Conversion of Video Files

Encoding and converting video formats on VLC has become more easy and user-friendly. If you wish to proceed with a video file conversion to a different format, open the VLC player, choose the media tab and select “Advanced open file” tab. You may not find the video format or conversion option in the normal file tab.

After selecting the advanced file open option, add your video files or a single file with the “add” option. Once you add all the files, select the Play option to convert all your files to a different format. In the next step, you can choose the required output conversion format and give a filename to start the formatting process.

CD and DVD Rip Facility

VLC player’s 1.0 version allows ripping DVD’s and CD’s. People using VLC often oversee this feature and try to download new programs to rip their compact discs and DVD. Ripping on VLC is almost similar to the formatting process above.

You need to choose the ‘media’ option and click on ‘open disc’ tab for choosing more DVD and audio ripping options. Here you may need to use the ‘convert’ button instead of play option. Pick out the required output format and continue the file converting process.

Jumping Time

This almost works like your portable music player that you can stop and start from the same point. Go to time feature on VLC allows you to pause the audio or video and listen from the point where you left it the previous day.

Last.fm Submission

You can play music using VLC player too. If you wish to scrobble the last.fm using VLC, you need to enable it in the player. Open the VLC player, click on tools and then on preferences. Then click on show settings to view all options. You can find the audio-scrobbler in the interface and control interface tabs. Enter your username along with the password. You may have to restart this media player for listening to your tracks on last.fm.

Automatic Audio Normalization

Not many audio players allow live audio normalizing facility. It can be irritating to go back and forth for adjusting audio volume for music or video on the computer. Luckily, VLC offers live volume normalizing controls. You can select the volume normalize option in the tools tab of VLC. Select tools, then go to preferences and the audio option to enable volume normalize.

If you know of other interesting features about VLC player, do share it in your feedback. Also, if you have not used any other features mentioned above, try using them for you new video or music playlist.

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