5 Tips for Building your Email List with Facebook

Undoubtedly, Facebook is a happening place. However, there are some restrictions on you as a user. The basic thing is you just cannot post anything on your FB page.

Losing your admin ability is that last thing you want. It may happen if you violate the terms and conditions of FB. However, in the process it is important for you to build you email list. Here are five tips for you to build an email list with Facebook and get going.

facebook email list

Run a Fans-Only Contest

Having a contest for your fans is the chance for both of you – you can give them something back and you fans stand a chance to gain something. You have a double purpose served this way.

only fan contest

You can get new fans for your page and add new addresses in your email list as well. You can get app from Sweepstakes to get you going. There is the “Like bait” type buttons, which users will click to join your page/contest.

Install The FB “Like” Button To Your Opt-in Page

The opt-in page is one of the better options available today. However, it is surprising why many of them out there tend to neglect it. The results for an opt-in page can be promising and therefore more motivating.

install facebook like button

If you have built a killer opt-in page that will drive more traffic towards your Facebook page. Facebook is a great place and you will certainly get quality hits.

Promote Your Fan Page Elsewhere

There is no doubt you will need to promote your fan page at all the possible legit places. One of the better options these days is the presence and high use of QR codes. QR or Quick Response codes can be of great help. Though initially built for the auto industry, the QR codes can be used almost anywhere.

facebook subscription list

Place links to Facebook on your website or blog so that people can reach the destination of your choice. Put up an email subscription box so that you will get many new subscribers right away.

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Get In Touch With Admins Of Huge Groups

The old groups on Facebook still have the messaging ability intact (new Facebook groups do not have this). The “info box” that lies under the profile picture can help you recognize such groups. These old group admins can send important updates to as many as 5000 members. That is great communication indeed. The better thing is there is a good opening rate of these messages – your messages do get read.

These messages also make their way to the inbox as notifications. That is good enough to get you a huge email list.

Make Your Fan Page Interesting

A sign up form in your fan page is one good option of having a good email list. However, just do not put up a form and forget it.

interesting facebook fan page

Remember to update it regularly with good and interesting information like trivia and the backstage stories, related to your business. Interested members will certainly come back for more and possibly sign up for newsletters as well.