6 Easy Steps To Convert Still Pictures Into A Video DVD

If you want to share prints of your pictures with family and friends then it may cost you a lot of money. Firstly, because the printing costs are very high and secondly, you may not want to send these heavy documents by post. Alternatively, you can choose to burn a video slideshow on disk.

It is not only cheap but also easy to burn a DVD of you pictures.

However, it is frustrating for people watching the pictures to open every image so you must really consider making a video slideshow DVD. Even several DVD players will also be able to play these slideshows. Let’s see how it is done.

Organize Photos

Firstly, find out that which photos you want to include in the album. Browse through your computer galleries and make sure that you don’t miss to include anything. Once this process is done, rest ahead is just cakewalk.

Run Program/Software

If you have any specific software which is designed for such slideshow editing then open it. Some of these programs are Proshow Gold, Adobe Premier Pro, and Polaroid Memory Suite. But if you don’t have any such programs then go with the system integrated Window Movie Maker which is equally efficient in handling such tasks.

Import Files

Preferably, you should create a separate folder containing the images you want to burn on the disk. However, it is not essential. You can also import these files into the software one by one but it is a very time consuming process so just make a new folder, copy images in it and use the import command of software to get these files.


In this next stage, you will need to customize the settings for the slideshow. The program will guide you in setting the order of pictures which you want, the time length for each photo and in putting the titles to each picture. You can easily drag the photo in timeline to set the order of the photos. However, if you put the picture in a wrong spot then you can again drag and drop it.

Graphic and Sound

The blank pause between two images may look a little bit awkward while watching the slideshow so try adding some graphics effects like fading out or circle around. These features will also make the viewing more interesting.

Moreover, you can also synchronize a music track with the slideshow, it will add up to the slideshow quality but make sure that selected music is suiting the theme of your slideshow.

Burn DVD

After completing all these steps you should check out the preview to see if the result is just as you want. If you are satisfied then click covert after choosing the video output format, AVI and MPEG are best for DVD players.

Most of these programs also offer DVD burning facilities but if you don’t have such software then burn the disk using CD/DVD Burning Programs like Nero. Make sure that you use only a blank and good quality DVD.