6 Easy Ways To Reward Your Twitter Followers

Many people follow their favored business on Twitter online. These people really contribute towards the success of the business.

These people turn to be their future customers in the course of time. They visit the site to know about the latest updates, products and launches. As a businessperson, you can take note of this thing and reward your consumers in any of the following ways.

ways to reward twitter followers

Give Them a Shoutout

Who does not love getting attention? Who does not want to be thanked for the work they have done? Certainly, we all do. You, as a businessman, can give more attention to your Twitter followers by following them in exchange. Those who are close to your company will certainly like the reciprocation shown by you.

way to reward twitter followers

Let Them In

It would certainly be exciting to watch how James Bond prepared for one of his many breathtaking stunts. Fans like to get up close and personal with these inside news and views. Fans, be it on Twitter or that of James Bond, will certainly like to know what really goes on behind the scenes.

rewarding your twitter followers

Do not forget to update your fans about such inside stories. You can post videos or pictures or even simply narrate the happening.

Teach Them Something

Like the inside news, people in general and fans in particular love this thing called trivia. Trivia gets more importance in the Twittersphere. The reason is simple enough.

ways to reward twitter followers

People follow those people, whom they find fascinating. Take the opportunity to inform your fans on Twitter about something that will not only be informative but also interesting.

Make Them Laugh

They say laughter is the best medicine. Ask the stressed how important it is. But being stressed is not the only reason for you to tickle the funny bone. A punch line can certainly make the day for your visitors. Who would not like to read a joke or a few interesting lines?

That will keep your followers coming back. Apart from that, it will also engage them more. Ultimately, that will benefit the build-up towards your better business.

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Offer Them a Freebie

What do you think is the least price you can buy a pizza or a burger for? Whatever your answer is, it is entirely wrong. What better price would you expect than getting it gratis? If you have a cake shop, you can give discounts on cakes on various occasions like Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day.

Businesses on Twitter follow this way to either give discounts or freebies. Sprinkles Cupcakes is one such example. They offer 25 to 200 free cupcakes as freebie at several of their locations in New York.

Give Them Control

What more would the fans like than getting things by their convenience? You can put a contest up on Twitter of something like music. The next time you have a concert, give the fans the control of the DJ system. Let them play music of their choice.

There is something fascinating about each step you take. Keep glued to it and you will soon feel the positive difference.