6 Steps To Convert WAV to CD Format

WAV audio files which are also called .wav are very high quality audio files which carry a lot of data. But unfortunately, Audio CD players don’t recognize these files so you cannot play a WAV file in an audio CD player. Have you ever faced such a situation when you have an amazing set of songs in .wav format and you want to burn a CD from it? Now we have simple step by step guidelines which will help you to convert these WAV files into Mp3 files, so that your CD player can easily recognize and play these files. Let’s see how it is done.

Things You Will Need

Firstly, assemble the things that you are going to need during the process to save time. You should have either have audio file convertor software or iTunes to convert your files, a blank CD or DVD, your computer and the audio player to check the Mp3 files on your burned Audio CD.

Installing Software

If you don’t have an audio convertor, then search it over the internet. There are many such programs available on websites to download for free. However, you can use iTunes or Windows Media Player too to rip files but is advisable to have separate software for ease of use.

Download the software and install it on your system following the instructions. This task should complete within seconds.

Import Files

Once the software is installed you can run it. However, some older versions of Windows may ask for a restart. After the software interface opens, look for import option which is usually very easy to locate in dedicated programs. Click ‘Import’ and then a new window will open asking you about the location of WAV files. Navigate through the interface and select the folder of files you want to convert and click ‘OK’.


Now click ‘Next’ and then the program will ask you about the preference, if you are acquainted with the technical aspects of sound then you can change the settings but if not then just check ‘Conversion Format’ and set it to ‘WAV to MP3’ and select the location where you want to save the new MP3 files.

Optionally, you can also directly burn the CD from the conversion software. Most convertors provide this facility.


The software will now start its work once you click ‘Convert’ after making all the required changes. It may take some time to convert some of the heavy files; these will be saved at the desired location. However if you chose to burn the CD directly then make sure that you insert an empty CD or DVD and if you chose to save files on system then burn them later with the help of a CD burning software.

After burning the CD, eject it and just check if the work is done. Insert disk in your CD player and play, the player should be able to play the MP3 files without any problem.