7 Cool Things To Do With Old Computers

Do not throw away your intelligent oldie, guys! You do not realize, but it is still useful for a variety of purposes. It is true that with new and high-performance computers, one always wishes to get rid of the older ones. While it is absolutely fine to buy a new computer, it is certainly not wise to throw away the old one.

This is where you must innovatively think of the ideas or things to do with old computers. Sell to make cash, donate to a school where it can work well for the budding beginners, and reuse it in your home as a server to form a small network. Well, it certainly depends upon you to choose from the things to do with old computers. Let us now have a look at a few of these thrilling ideas!

Convert Into A Basic Robot

Sounds exciting, right? You can automate your home by connecting your old computer with X10 via which it can turn on the lights and heaters. It can also catch hold of the intruders as well. Alternatively, you can install the answering machine software for dealing with voice mail cheaply. So, now do you really need an expensive voice mail service?

Introduce The Cheapest Research Lab

Do you have a habit of trying new software and network connections? Are you eager to learn data or password recovery and repairing hard disks? Well, your old computers do have the power to cater to your these needs.

Craft An Exciting Gaming Station

This is one of the unique things to do with old computers in today’s world. Why not entertain your guest by offering them a gaming station that can play some classy, but most favorite games at home?

I agree that an old computer might not be able to play the high-end games, but it can surely play the arcade and other easily-loaded games. With this converted computer into a play station, just add the excitement of gamepads and joysticks and you can proudly pat yourself for the same.

Transform It Into A Firewall Or Router

Installing IPCOP or Linux with IPtables can make your oldie a strong router or firewall, which is very useful for running small networks. Do not doubt the capability of your old expert in this matter when Linux comes to the rescue.

Gift Yourself A File Sever

Yes, you can convert your old computer into a server if it is in a fine state, but has slow down. If you are tech savvy, this is among the most useful things to do with old computers.

In case of several printers linked to some PCs, now connect all of them to your this oldie, which will save power and money. Next, you can set up a small home network by placing all the most commonly accessed files, songs, and movies on this new server.

Design A Work Of Art

In case of zero functioning, a few artistic things to do with old computers are turning them into mailbox (think of CPU as the main player here), fridges, and even aquariums. To know more about the latter two, visit http://www.lowendmac.com/compact/macquarium.shtml and http://www.inventgeek.com/Projects/Minifridge/overview.aspx.

Give It In An Exchange System

If you do not wish reusing the oldie, prefer exchanging it via the exchange programs of HP and IBM.