A Guide To Add Events to Windows Live Calendar in IE 8

The ‘Windows Live Calendar’ tool has been primarily designed for Windows 7 PCs. The tool will be used as a desktop calendar on the screens of the PCs run by Internet Explorer 8.

The primary purpose of the tool is to display the various events from the public calendars. While, this is a display only function, the gadget will be able to read all *.ics files. This tool is very useful for every user.

Features of Windows Live Calendar Gadget

The tool is attuned to iCal format and has been successfully tested on both Google Calendar as well as Windows Live Calendar. The gadget contains the Aero skin application that is capable of changing its primary color as per the real Aero Color.

The tool supports multilingual applications and is available in International languages like German, English, Czech, Slovak etc. In addition to the above features, the tool enables highlighting of events that are important or significant.

The Need to Add Events to Windows Live Calendar in Internet Explorer 8

We often feel the need to update event dates when browsing through the Internet Explorer. This requirement has been answered with the incorporation of ‘Add Event’ application in Internet Explorer 8. This application enables us to add events to Windows Live Calendar in Internet Explorer 8.

The Steps Used for the Purpose Are as Follows

Install ‘Add to Internet Explorer’ Application

Click on the option of ‘Add to Internet Explorer’ displayed on the primary window. This will open up the secondary window that will require you to confirm the process of installation.

The installation of the accelerator enables the user to choose web contents either from a web page or email and send the page directly to ‘Windows Live Services’.

This reduces the lengthy process of adding events to Windows Live calendar and users get the benefit of adding events directly in two simple processes. For instance, if the event selected is the “probable” date of release of Microsoft Office 2010 for public use, clicking on the accelerator opens the ‘pre-order’ page. At the bottom of the page you will find the probable date when Microsoft 10 will be released for public use.

When we need to include the event into the Windows Live accelerator, we have to highlight the required text that will describe the event, and click on the ‘Add an Event to Windows Live Calendar’ option displayed in the menu. This will again open a fresh tab. Users can add or edit related information about the event or comment on the particular event before saving it.

This readies the fresh calendar event on the desktop of our PC that will launch an announcement via e-mail as soon as Microsoft Office 2010 gets released.

The add events to windows live calendar in Internet Explorer 8 accelerator hastens the speed of adding the latest events to the live calendar as it directly takes the user to the event outline and make your life easy.