Access And Edit Your Documents Online With Zoho

Like the Google Docs, Zoho Docs provides online document management service, file sharing and other services. You can store all the files safely under one roof. It is easy to access the files from anywhere, as the mode of access is online. Documents, pictures, spreadsheets, music and videos apart from presentations are what Zoho Docs will serve you. Let us have a look at some more features of Zoho.

Access And Edit Your Documents Online With Zoho

Online File Storage With Zoho

As said in the introduction, Zoho stores all the files online. So, all your stuff is centralized in one place. It becomes easy to have access to any of your files directly.

 Edit Your Documents Online With Zoho

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It also works as a great backup for everything you have stored on your PC. Your valuable material is always safe.

Secure File Sharing With Zoho

Zoho provides you with a range of options to share files. Private file sharing, group file sharing and external file sharing are some of the methods that a Zoho user can use.

Access Your Documents Online With Zoho

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In private file sharing, you can share files with only one individual. In group sharing, you can share a number of documents with a number of people at the same time. Zoho does not hold you back from sharing files with non-Zoho members. With external file sharing, you can share files with people who are not Zoho members.

Zoho Online Workspaces

The Online Workspaces from Zoho Docs allows sharing of an entire folder with its sub-folders. You can create a number of workspaces depending on the projects you are handling.

Access And Edit Your Documents Online With Zoho

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You can assign one workspace for one project. The workspaces have ‘owners’ – the person who creates the workspace. The owner can set permissions for sharing a certain folder within the entire workspace.

Upload Zip Files & Unzip

The specialty of Zoho Docs is that you can use a wide range of file types. That gives you the liberty of uploading any type of file. Zoho Docs also supports the ZIP and PDF file formats. Another plus point is that while taking a backup, you can upload files by converting them to ZIP files. As the file is extracted, the files get unzipped and saved in their respective folders.

Email – In

This feature lets you email files from the current mail account to your Zoho account. The best part is that you do not need to login to do this. You get a secure and safe email address with the Email-in feature. The files will reach the “My Folders” segment in your Zoho Account.

Zoho Tagging

Tagging is an important feature in the Zoho Docs. Over time, not only the number of files, but also the type of files keeps piling up. That makes it difficult to locate the one that is required. This is where the “Tagging” feature comes in handy. Use meaningful tags so that it becomes easy to retrieve a specific file immediately.

Zoho Online Chat

Another important feature of the Zoho Docs happens to be the “Online Chat”. At times it becomes necessary to speak with your partner with whom you are sharing files. You can chat like any other well-known chat programs that are around. You can either chat with multiple users or can also go for a private chat.