Access Your Favorite Google Services With My Shortcuts Chrome Extension


How often you have bookmarked Web pages or Google services? Don’t you find it quite tedious to maintain a long list of bookmarks, especially in Chrome? As an alternative, even if you have multiple home pages on start up, you will feel quite burdensome.

So, how about having an easier way to access all your favorite Google services or pages via Chrome? If this sounds interesting to you, you will surely love to read this article further. So, keep reading!

Access Your Favorite Google Services The Easy Way

What Makes It Easy To Access Google Services

If you browse via Chrome, you can now enjoy quicker access to your favorite Google services with the help of My Shortcuts extension. It offers an exceptionally convenient approach to access your most loved Google services or Web pages in just a few clicks.

If you have used Firefox with its GButts add-on, you will know what this Chrome extension is all about. So, get ready to overcome the cons of the bookmark bar in Chrome via the My Shortcuts extension, which is handy for laptops with small display areas.

How To Obtain The My Shortcuts Extension

Go to the URL, and click the Add to Chrome and Install buttons consecutively.

google chrome service

Once the installation process is over, you will view the Shortcuts Toolbar icon along with the message stating that the extension is now installed.

shortcut installed in google chrome

How to Use the My Shortcuts Extension

Now, just click on the icon to display a comprehensive drop-down menu via which you need to first access the extension’s options.

drop down menu in google chrome

Alternatively, you can even access the options via the Chrome Extensions Page by typing chrome://extensions and clicking Options in the extension’s section. However, the former is the quickest method to open the Options page in a new tab.

Once you open the Options page, you can hide the services that you might not require, open two services in a new window, specify a custom URL, and specify SSL use for secure connections. If you select the new window check box, a small icon will appear at the right corner of that specific service in the toolbar icon’s drop-down menu.

Let us now comprehend how to add a custom URL. Interestingly, you can add non-Google service pages such as Facebook to the drop-down menu. So, if you want to add the Facebook URL, simply select the select the check box before Name under Custom Links, enter Facebook in the first field, and enter in the URL field.

my shortcuts in google chrome

Further, select the position of the service in the icon’s drop down menu from the combo box located near the Custom Links heading. You can either select Top or Bottom from the combo box.

Likewise, you can add the URLs of the other most frequently accessed services as well. Finally, click the Save button to save the changes. Now, click the toolbar icon and you will see your Facebook service listed in the menu. Further, the new window icons appear near the desired services in the menu.

google chrome service

Now, it’s just the matter of clicking the required service from the drop-down menu. Just do so and the service page will open in a new tab for you. Hurray! You have accessed the service in just a single click! Isn’t that cool?

Are you using something else to access Google services and pages quickly? Do share with us in your comments.


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