Add A Built-In Notepad To Google Chrome

Do you take notes while browsing the Web? If yes, how you do so? I am sure you must be opening an external text program such as Notepad to take notes every time you browse the Internet for that purpose. Aren’t you tired of doing this every now and then?

Okay, here’s good news for you! If you are a Chrome user, you can now take notes in the browser itself. This means that you no longer have to open an external program for taking notes.

scratchpad google chrome extension

All thanks goes to the Scratchpad app that offers you a built-in revolutionary notepad while browsing. It is certainly an innovative notepad, as it offers more features than your external Notepad. So, let us explore this revolutionary notepad in detail.

Features Of The Scratchpad App

Scratchpad refers to a free, fast, and lightweight app that allows taking notes and syncing them with Google Docs so that you can access them from anywhere. Not only this, but you can also access notes offline, format them by using styles and bullets, and spell check the same.

Scratchpad also boasts the cross-platform ability, which means you can synchronize your notes across Chrome OS, Windows, Mac, and Linux. You can even open multiple instances for editing as well as comparing notes simultaneously and can even search notes.

Above all, you always work with its latest version, as the app has the ability to auto-update itself. Further, it also saves, syncs with Google Docs, and updates your notes automatically after every few seconds. And yes, before I forget, this app features the secure sandbox technology and encrypted connections to Google servers so that your notes are well protected.

Obtaining The Scratchpad

Open the URL,, in the browser and click the Add to Chrome button. Next, you need to confirm the installation by clicking the Install button.


You might be asked for Google credentials in case you are a first-timer. Now, in just two seconds, you will see that a new tab appears with the Scratchpad icon displayed under the Appssection.

scratchpad added to apps

Now, just click the Scratchpad icon to run it in a new window wherein you get to see its main features. Next, click the arrow near Get started.

starting the scratchpad extension In case you want to take the benefit of bi-directional syncing for accessing the notes from anywhere via Google Docs, click the arrow near Authorize.

authorize the scratchpad extension

Now, a new tab appears seeking permission from you to grant access to your account. In case you do not want this syncing, click the arrow near Local only that will store notes on your PC. You can now use the Scratchpad app, as its window now asks you to click + for creating a new note.

create a new note

Using The Scratchpad

Simply click the plus (+) sign on the top left corner of the Scratchpad window and you will see a top bar, blinking cursor, and a bottom bar with the various self-explanatory formatting options. This is your work space that looks quite neat and clean.

new note in scratchpad

Before you start typing, click the area stating Untitled Note for giving your note a meaningful name. If you do not like working in this window, you can send it to a tab for working in the full window mode by clicking the arrow icon at the extreme right corner on the top bar.

new note in scratchpad

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Now, start typing and apply formatting. In case you type a wrong spelling, a red line will automatically appear for rectification. Finally, click the extreme left icon on the top bar. You will see that your note with the given name appears along with the star, creation time, and delete icon. Now, you can just click it to open it or create a new note.

note added in scratchpad

Coming to its saving and syncing feature, Scratchpad does so automatically after every 30 seconds so that you do not loss your data.

Finally, you can go to and access the scratchpad notes from the Scratchpad folder under My Collections for editing, which would be again synced back to Scratchpad (remember, it’s bi-directional syncing!).

Do you something else to take notes? Well, do share with us in your comments!