Add Bookmarks And Notes To Delicious In IE 8

Many people are regularly adding bookmarks to their Delicious account when they browse the web. This saves them the effort of returning to search engine results again and again when they want to refer to the same page.

However, to bookmark a webpage some people may prefer minimal use of the UI or user interface. In this article we will tell you how to include the bookmarks directly in the user account via the context menu list. This can be easily done by using Delicious accelerator along with Share.

How To Use Share With Delicious in Action?

Select Add to Internet Explorer. This will automatically add the accelerator. Next, initiate the installation process. The installation begins when you confirm it on appearance of the secondary window. This method of adding the accelerator is far better than installing the Favorites Bar or a new toolbar as these can take away the space from the user interface.

Allow the installation to complete without shutting down any windows. If there is a webpage that you want to bookmark, simply right click on the page and go to All Accelerators tab. Here you will find Share with Delicious. Select this tab.

Where Will You Find The New Bookmark?

The new bookmark will appear in a new tab. The URL and the title of the webpage will already be keyed in. however, you will have to manually key in additional information such as notes and tags before you save the bookmark.

How To Prepare Notes From The Saved Bookmarks?

Many people do not require the entire content of the webpage and look only for certain information given on the site. In such cases, the users can easily gather notes from the various webpage. Go to the specific webpage and single out the relevant text by highlighting it using left click. Now right click on the highlighted text and navigate to All Accelerators given in the drop down menu. Here you will find Share with Delicious tab; select the tab.

How To Use The Notes Saved From Highlighted Texts Of the Bookmarked Pages?

You will be able to access the form in a new tab. The highlighted text will be available in the notes section of the newly created bookmark. However, you will have to add a tag to the bookmark before you can save it for future reference. Once the new bookmark gets saved, the tab will (by default) move to the webpage that was recently saved and tagged.

Now close all the bookmarked pages as well as the website windows that are open. Return to your account. Your account will have the new bookmark as well as the freshly prepared notes in the notes section. You can open your account anytime you want to use these in the future.

Tip For Adding Bookmarks To Delicious Account

It is recommended that Share with Delicious accelerator be used along with the Internet Explorer when bookmarking important webpages. This will save you precious space in the user interface room when you decide to include bookmarks within your Delicious account.