Add Disk Cleanup To The Right-Click Menu For A Drive

Cleaning up of a drive on a regular basis is required to protect your computer and improve its performance. You need a Disk Cleanup tool to accomplish this task as per the need. However, it is cumbersome to locate it before initiating the task. Following a simple technique will provide you with best results saving you a lot of time.

Generally, you need to open Disk Cleanup tool by locating it from the Start menu. Alternatively, you can access it from the Drive Properties windows as well. If you would like to avoid all these ways of accessing and have a simple yet shorter way, then adding the tool to the corresponding menu item is the only effective solution. Whenever you right-click on the menu later, the tool for cleaning up your disk can be readily found.

How To Add Disk Cleanup To The Right-Click Menu For A Drive

Install The Disk Cleanup Tool

Choose a specific drive location to install the Disk Cleanup tool as is the case with the installation of any other software program.

Begin Cleaning Up Of Disk From Menu Itself

Add Disk Cleanup To Right Click Menu For A Drive

You need to right-click on the desired drive that has to be cleaned. Find the “Disk Cleanup” from the list of menu items.

Set The Priorities For Disk Cleanup

Add Disk Cleanup To Right Click Menu For A Drive

Advanced versions such as Windows 7 and Vista offer you additional options to prioritize your cleanup activities for a single file or for multiple files. This is the actual procedure of cleaning up any drive. You can ensure this feature in two ways; Manual and Downloadable.

Manual Registry Hack

Add Disk Cleanup To Right Click Menu For A Drive

You can perform a registry hack as well on a manual basis. Here are the simple steps that allow you to accomplish the given task.
Go to Start menu. Navigate to “Search” option and enter the item as “regedit”. Also, you can directly go to the required path by typing “regedit” command in the “Run” box. This will allow you to open “regedit”. Look for the below mentioned key.

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Enter a new key name titled “diskcleanup” after creating one. The default value has to be given as “Disk Cleanup”. All you need now is to get another key created with the name as “command”. For this key, you need to enter the below given information.

Cleanmgr.exe /d %1

These two easy steps will offer you a great convenience in accessing the “Disk Cleanup” tool from the comfort of the concerned drive itself. Should you still face any problems in accessing the tool from the menu item then you need to repeat the above given steps again.

Now, you have to right-click on the preferred drive that has to be cleaned up. You can find the newly created menu item titled “Disk Cleanup” in the menu list. Performing clean-up from the options available for the drive in a single step is possible in this manner.

Downloadable Registry Hack

Just download “DiskCleanupDriveMenu.reg” file online. After extracting it to the required location, double-click to include information into the registry. You might even consider downloading “RemoveDiskCleanupDriveMenu.reg” file to delete the Disk Cleanup registry file.