Add Effects To Your Pictures In Word 2007

Enhancing the pictures with various styles, effects, colors and borders can give it a dynamic and dramatic look which is attention grabbing. Word 2007 provides a plethora of options to stylize your pictures, be it cropping to the right size, applying shapes, borders, shadows, glow or light correction.

Illustrating an image with Word 2007 can be a lot of fun. Let’s take a look at some of the effects that you can add to your picture in Word 2007. But don’t limit yourself to these, get creative and you will find tons more to explore.

Picture Styles

Click on the image or clip-art that you want to stylize. The picture tools become available on the Ribbon under the format tab. If you are using Word 2003, check to see if the compatibility mode is available next to the file name at the top of the window. Save your document as Microsoft Office 2007 document.

The Picture styles section shows a gallery of styles that you can apply to your picture. There is a drop-down list at the lower right corner of the picture styles which gives you a lot more choices. Point your mouse over to the styles to preview them; a pop-up appears as you do so which gives a brief about the style. Click on the one you like.

Picture Borders

The Picture Border tab under picture tools gives you options to apply or change the border of your picture. Click the Picture Border drop-down to choose the border, the colors on the border, the line thickness and so on.

Picture Shapes

To engulf a picture inside the body of a shape, you can use the Picture Shape tab. The drop-down lets you choose from various shapes like rectangles, basic shapes, arrows, equations, flowcharts, banners, etc. to create a cut-out effect for your picture.

Picture Effects

A palette of effects is available in the Picture Effects tab to enhance your picture with shadows, reflection, glow, soft edges, bevel and 3-D rotation.

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Click on Preset to add or change a combination of effects you want to apply to your picture. The 3-D Rotation will show your image in various 3 dimensional angles which make it seem to pop out of the page. Take your mouse over the various 3-D effects to see a live preview and select the one you want. Similarly, click on the shadow option to see the variety of shadow effects that can be applied to your picture.

The Reflection and Glow options can further be used to add dynamism to the image. You can even customize the glow color by clicking the More Glow Colors option which gives you a palette of colors and a More Colors option again in case you want to have a color not available in the theme colors.

You can even change the Brightness and Contrast of the picture by selecting the respective options on the left hand side of the toolbar. The Recolor drop-down gives you various color modes and variations that can be used. The compress option also comes in handy to compress your image in order to load your document rapidly.