Add Google Dictionary Power To Chrome

How many times have you felt the need of a dictionary in your browser while coming across some tough words? Wouldn’t it be better to obtain the meaning of a tough word in a pop-up via a click? Well, if this is something that you were waiting for long in Chrome, you will be happy to know that your wait is now over.

google dictionary google chrome extension

We all know that Google Chrome offers several extensions for improving the browsing experience. So, it is obvious that it also offers an extension for having a built-in dictionary reference in the same tab. This is the Google Dictionary extension that allows looking for word definitions in the browser.

The best part of this free dictionary is that it works for various languages such as German, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Russian, Chinese, Czech, and Dutch. So, are you eager to know more about this Google dictionary power? Well, keep reading!

Installing The Google Dictionary Power

You need to first add the Google dictionary extension by searching for it at the Chrome Web Store and then clicking the Add to Chrome and Install buttons. Once it is added to the browser, an Address Bar Icon with letters Aa will appear along with the message stating about the working of the extension.

google dictionary google chrome extension

Now, you need to access the extension’s options via the Chrome Extensions Page that you can open in two ways: Enter chrome://extensions as the URL or right-click the icon and select Manage extensions. Finally, click Options corresponding to the extension to open the Extension Options page.

google dictionary extension options

A shortcut to reach to this page directly is to click the icon and then the Extension Options link from its drop-down menu.

On this page, you can select the desired dictionary language and the behavior of the popup definitions. There are two options for displaying pop-ups namely, on selection or on double click. I would recommend the double-click option as the former one would irritate if you even select the entire sentence for the purpose of copy paste. Finally, click the Save button to save the selected options.

google dictionary extension options

Experiencing The Google Dictionary Power

Now, you are ready to use the Google dictionary extension in two ways: double-click a word to see its definition in a pop-up or view the same via the dictionary icon’s drop-down menu. In the latter approach, you click the icon, type the word in the blank field, and click the Define button.

using google dictionary extension options

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Now, this is something that you won’t prefer, as you get to see an instant definition in the browser page itself. So, just open a page and double-click a word to know its meaning. You will see that it is highlighted automatically and a yellow-colored popup definition is seen instantly just about the selection.

using google dictionary extension option

In the popup, there is an audio icon just after the word for hearing it and the More >> link in the lower right corner to know more on that word. If you click this link, it will open the Search page that displays the definitions of the word on different sites such as Wikipedia.

search page definitions

This is really handy for those who are eager to explore the words in detail. Even more admiring is its ability to paste the word automatically into the dictionary drop-down menu’s field and display More information neatly in a single list box. This is useful for those who do not like viewing the information in a new tab.

Note: The Address Bar icon might not be tangible in some instances such as Speed Dial.