Add “My Dropbox” To Your Windows 7 Start Menu

Having a Dropbox is a great feature to enhance the performance of your Windows 7 OS. However, the lack of such a feature might prove to be a hindrance for you. You might not want to be deprived of the convenience offered by this quick online file sync utility to cover your priorities. You can now include it by implementing a simple technique.

Adding My Dropbox To Windows 7 Start Menu

Imagine the flexibility of accessing your files and other Windows content you get. That’s exactly what Dropbox has got on offer for you. Moreover, it can be added straight to your Start menu. So, whenever you click on Start, you can find it right over there without having to look for it elsewhere.

All you require now is to access the “Libraries” feature. Renaming the Recorded TV library is the next step that has to be performed after selecting it. Though it might not appear to be the exact process, you could still manage by having all the features included. Here is a simple procedure that will walk you through in adding Dropbox to the Start menu of Windows 7.

How To Add “My Dropbox” To Windows 7 Start Menu

Access “Customize Start Menu” Panel

Adding My Dropbox To Windows 7 Start Menu

Go to Start menu and click on “Properties” option by right-clicking. Navigate to “Customize Start Menu” panel to make relevant changes.

Set “Display As A Link” Option To Active Mode

Adding My Dropbox To Windows 7 Start Menu2

You can now access “Customize Start Menu” panel to add Dropbox. All you need to do now is to look for the library named “Recorded TV”. Once you locate it, just set it to “Display as a link”.

Rename The “Recorded TV” Library

Adding My Dropbox To Windows 7 Start Menu

After checking the option, you now need to change the name by selecting “Rename” option for “Recorded TV” by right-clicking on it. Ideally, you can choose “My Dropbox” for renaming.

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Delete The Recorded TV Library

Adding My Dropbox To Windows 7 Start Menu

Once the new library is in place, delete the existing “Recorded TV” library. For this, you need to choose “Properties” option again by right-clicking on Start menu. Look for Library locations given in the list. After deleting the library, add Dropbox to the list.

Choose To Add The New Library To “General Items” Tab

Adding My Dropbox To Windows 7 Start Menu

By performing the above steps, you will be able to access the new Dropbox from the list. After you set “Optimize this library for” option to “General Items”, you will be able to fully implement the features.

Start using the new feature by clicking on “My Dropbox” option that you created recently. This is a very handy feature to be accessible across multiple desktops. Furthermore, if you no longer require the features of Dropbox, you can uncheck the option by following the above given steps.

Using this feature offers you several advantages enhancing the features of Windows 7 several degrees. You can utilize 2 GB of memory space for free besides having the facility of online access whenever you need it the most. As it is no big deal to remove the existing My Dropbox, you can consider adding another one again later by following the aforesaid steps.