Add Notes To Google Notebook from Chrome

There are many people who use the Google Notebook almost daily. It is almost a routine for them and an indifferent part of their lives. If you need the Google Notebook while browsing in Chrome, then you better look for the “add 2 Google Notebook”. It makes life much easier for you when you have an extension like the Google Notebook helping you along.

Something About Google Notebook

The Google Notebook is like your personal assistant. With the extension in place, you have the control of saving important and interesting data as you keep surfing the web. You do not need to save it manually. This short-cut method of storing data gives you the breather from leaving your work aside and saving the info that you stumble upon by chance.

google notebook chrome extension

As a result, there is no unnecessary need to stop your work and divert your attention to the other source of information. Once you are done with your primary work, you can access this information any time through Google Notebook. It is as simple as that.

Installation & Setup

Visit Google’s Chrome website for extensions. To confirm the using the extension is installed, click “Install” and finish the process. As and when the installation process is complete, you will be able see the “Toolbar Button” which is accompanied by the message of the extension.

add 2 gnote installation

There is nothing serious here as it does not come with any options. You can get going by adding your notes straightaway.

Add 2 Google Notebook in Action

When you need to store any important information while you are surfing, this Google extension comes in handy. What you need to do is click the “Toolbar Button”. This will open Google Notebook in an independent popup window. When the window pops, it asks for your confirmation. You are prompted to confirm regarding your permission to add the new info to the Google Notebook. Click on the button “Yes, add note”.

add new note

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Remember: The popup window may open behind or to the front of your browser window.

Once you click on the button, it adds the name and the URL of the new web page to the note. It is up to you if you want to add any related or important notes or details to the page. The good thing about the popup window is that you can resize it as per your need.

google notebook

A Look At The Popup Window

The above mentioned steps are the ones that you will go through without making any major changes. However, you have some more options at your disposal. Throw a more minute glance at the popup window. You will see that there is a drop-down menu for every single note.

dropdown menu

There is the drop-down menu on hand for every notebook. You can add a new note even as the popup window remains open. There is an option of opening the link in a complete page. The option “Open in full page Link” serves the purpose. When clicked, the link of the Google Notebook opens in a new tab.