Add Shareaholic Goodness to Google Chrome

Internet is all about expressing by clicking and sharing. The former is something that each Web page offers, but think of the latter which is not always present in its comprehensive form. For example, if you want to share a link, it is not necessary that the particular Web page has all the sharing options right from mailing to twittering.

Haven’t you noted that if the Facebook and Digg options exist on a Web page, the other social icons such as Delicious and Blogger are absent? Well, here is a comprehensive solution to this problem.

shareaholic google chrome extension 2

The Shareaholic Goodness Now for Chrome

Available for most of the browsers such as Firefox and Safari, the Shareaholic extension allows you to share links from any Web page and via any sharing service such as Twitter, Gmail, Digg, Delicious, Reddit, and Evernote. The best part of this extension is that it’s an all-in-one extension where all the famous and useful services exist under one roof.

That said, at least, now you do not have keep these sharing services in your Bookmarks list. Further, you get to enjoy the benefits such as quick tasks, increased productivity, no Chrome slow down, one-click access to URL Shorteners, and secure sharing via the Shareaholic goodness.

Getting the Shareaholic Goodness

You need to visit the URL, from where you can add this extension to Chrome by clicking the blue button on the top-right corner and then Install in the Confirm Installation dialog box.

shareaholic google chrome extension

In a few seconds, a message will appear on the toolbar along with a green button and a new tab will open that shows the steps of using the extension. Let this tab remain open for a few seconds.

It is recommended to create your new account by clicking Sign In and Create an account. Note that you can even sign in using your Facebook or Twitter account.

shareaholic google chrome extension

However, if you choose to create your new account, you need to specify a user name, password, and an e-mail address.

The moment you do so, the Services page is displayed in the same tab wherein you can select the services of your choice and set their order in the list.

shareaholic google chrome extension services

Kindly note that all the services in black highlight make up the default Shareaholic list that you can see by clicking that green icon on the browser toolbar. To add a service, just click it to give a black highlight.

Using the Shareaholic Goodness

It’s simple! Just open the page whose link you wish to share. Now, click the green icon the toolbar. This will display a drop-down list that contains a few of the default or chosen sharing services.

shareaholic google chrome extension services added

To see the entire list, click More. This will expand the list to a rectangular box in which all the sharing services are split into two columns. If at any point of time you want to add a service, just click Options that will display the Services page.

Let’s try sharing the link via Facebook. So, click Facebook after which it will ask your login details (in case you are not logged on). After this, you will directly see the Share this Link page on which you can write your message, select who can see it from the top right drop-down list, and click the Share Link button at the bottom right corner. Finally, your link will appear on the wall.

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