Add Your Own Domain To Your Tumblr Blog

Blogging is a great tool which enables us to share our views and thoughts with the entire world. There are so many websites which allow us to use the facility of blogging. One can write their day to day activity schedule, poems, songs, share knowledge, discuss topics and do anything of your choice.

Add Domain to Your Tumblr Blog

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Posting photos and videos has also become a part of blogging. With the help of it, you are allowed to spread knowledge to a large group of people. The user is also allowed to add your own domain to your Tumblr blog. This can be done in a few very easy and simple steps. Simple, follow the below mentioned steps and get started with adding your domain to the Tumblr blog.

How To Add Domain To Your Tumblr Blog

Owning A Domain

A domain is basically the beginning to your own website. Terms like “.com”, “.org”, “.in” etc are known as the common domains. One can see them in the end of a website name for example Over here “.com” is the domain of the xyz website.

Owning a domain is neither too difficult nor too easy. Simply start with thinking of a unique name for the site. It has to be in such a manner that no other user has taken the name for his or her domain. After purchasing, you will then officially have your own domain.

Manage Domain

Now start with logging onto your domain page. Go to the settings and click on manage domain.

Edit DNS Settings

Depending upon your type of domain, you will have to edit the DNS settings. Over there you will observe an option which allows you to edit the IP address. Select on other IP address and correctly fill in the Tumblr’s IP address. After this it will take minimum 72 hours for the IP address to get activated. Ensure to press ok to take a step further.

Check Domain

Add Domain to Your Tumblr Blog

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After activation, move over to the page which says check domain. Fill in the name of the domain and press on “check domain”.

Conformation Link

A conformation link will appear only when all the information is filled correctly.

Info Tab

Add Domain to Your Tumblr Blog

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Look for the info tab. Again, all this will only appear if the information is filled in the proper manner.

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Use Custom Domain Name

Look carefully towards the left end of the page. Over there you will observe a box saying “use a custom domain name”. Fill in the domain name that you have and press enter.

Save + Close

Add Domain to Your Tumblr Blog

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The save + close button is the main and the last step. Do not by mistake click on “save” or “cancel”. This will not save any of the efforts done by you. Hence, simply click on “save + close” in order to start browning your domain on your Tumblr blog. Refresh the page and visit home. You can then automatically start accessing your domain.

Hence, the above mentioned steps are extremely helpful and efficient. Any user can do this task in seconds after carefully following the steps above.