Advantages Of Using Internet Explorer 9 With Windows Vista

Internet Explorer 9 is now available with Windows 7 and Vista only. There are a number of advantages of Using Internet Explorer 9 with Windows Vista.  Some of the features are listed below.


With the incorporation of Windows Internet Explorer 9, the greatest advantage that Windows Vista gets to enjoy over other programs is that it will now come with HTML5 support. This feature of explorer 9 has been highlighted by Microsoft as one of its most noteworthy features till date.

HTML5 will now allow you to play sound and video without requiring the help of separate software like the ‘Adobe Flash player’. With Internet explorer 9 in your Windows Vista, you can also play some very interesting games without requiring Abode flash.


Internet Explorer 9 is being advertised by Microsoft as the smoothest and fastest browsers that will beat the speed of other browsers. The browser has beaten the speed of Internet explorer 8.

The browser has been integrated with hardware-accelerated applications that have elevated it to the top of the browser benchmark created by ‘SunSpider’ JavaScript. With the high speed internet explorer 9 working with vista, the power of browsing has been increased manifold.

Crash Tolerance or Tab Isolation

As has been experienced in the previous browsers or Internet Explorers, the entire browser system crashes down because of a single hanging tab. Windows Internet Explorer 9 has come out of this disadvantage as in this browser, only the particular tab hangs while you are able to continue work with the other tabs. Each tab continues with its own process and is independent of each other’s operational status.

After support for HTML 5, one of the greatest features that Windows Vista is set to enjoy with Internet Explorer 9, is tab isolation. While this feature was present solely in Google Chrome, you can now avail its benefits in Windows Vista too.

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Cleaner Interface

Internet Explorer 9 keeps the page uncluttered. With the browser in Windows Vista, the tabs, address bar and the various buttons for navigation, have been moved into a single file.

Download Manager

Windows Vista has been incorporated with an in-built download manager. This has been made possible because of Internet Explorer 9 working with it.

Smaller Notifications

The notification display in Internet Explorer 9 occupies much less space on the screen. This makes it less intrusive. However, the display can still be seen easily.

Tracking Protection Lists

Internet Explorer 9 brings with Windows Vista a tracking protection list. This checks websites from trailing your browsing routine. The list can be easily downloaded from a listed company or you can make your own list.

SmartScreen Filter

This feature of Internet Explorer 9 blocks suspicious sites that have been blacklisted by Microsoft. If a novice is using Windows Vista, this feature will validate the URL’s before it allows them to open. This makes browsing much safer.

One Box

Internet Explorer 9 has adopted the feature of ‘One Box’ from Chrome. The feature merges the search bar and the address bar into one.

With the above advantage of Using Internet Explorer 9 with Windows Vista, Internet explorer has been rendered quite competitive than other browsers.