Automatically Send Birthday Wishes To Your Facebook Friends


Google Chrome is getting really popular due to the fast browsing it offers. Moreover, with the integration of the WebStore with Chrome has increased the overall level of browsing. People are getting smarter and they use extensions, apps and plug-ins to meet their surfing needs.

However, all the services at WebStore are not by Google only and there are several other third party applications too. But you have wondered if Facebook birthday wishes could be sent automatically? Almost everything is possible today with the help of right tools and you can achieve this by an extension called HappyBirthdayWishes. Let’s see how this works.

Automatically Wish Friends

Firstly, HappyBirthdayWishes is not a Google extension and is offered a third party but you need Google Chrome to use the service. As discussed, this tool will send automatic wished to your friends on their birthdays. But after the installation, you need to integrate it with your Facebook account, it will connect with the Facebook once and then the extension will be ready to post wishes on your friends’ wall. Moreover, the birthday wished can be customized do you don’t have to stick with ‘Happy Birthday’ or ‘Best wishes’ type of messages. So go ahead create your wishes and never miss to wish a friend.

HappyBirthdayWishes Interface

The interface of HappyBirthdayWishes is very simple and you don’t really have many options to mess around. This extension talks to the point i.e. wishing friends and is very efficient in that. After the installation process, you will notice a Facebook icon with a candle in it near the address bar of Google Chrome and you just have to click on it to launch the tool. Customizing the settings is also a very simple process where you can add, edit or delete a preset birthday messages. HappyBirthdayWishes also notifies the user once the wishes are posted on respective walls.

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The Use

What is the use of having HappyBirthdayWishes? It is an obvious question because Facebook already offers birthday reminders on profile page so one can wish his/her friend. But the problem is that you cannot be online everyday or you can just miss the reminders on the page.

Moreover, with friend list surpassing even a thousand friends, sometimes it becomes impossible to manually write messages to everyone. So that’s the use to HappyBirthdayWishes, you don’t really have to type every single message or ever forget a birthday.

Other Applications

There not many extensions available to automatically wish friends on birthday but the need of such a tool was felt since a long time. However, if you are an Android user then you can download an app on your device called the Birthday Scheduler on Fb.

It is a very rich application which offers a variety of features. You can add custom message plus a virtual gift too. Moreover, you can also preset the time of sending a message too. So enjoy these applications on your PC and phone and never miss a friend’s birthday.


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