Backup Important Files to Gmail with Backup To Email

Have you ever thought of your Gmail account as an online backup medium? Although you must have tried using the different online backup services, you would yet feel more secure to store the backup of important files in your Gmail account.

Because a Gmail account always resides on the World Wide Web, I agree to the fact that such an account is actually not a safe medium for storing the backup of your vital files. This is right when it comes to storing the backup of too confidential files such as a passport soft copy. However, nobody in this world is so unwise! So, the question now is: what all you can backup to your Gmail account?

backup to email

The answer is quite straightforward! If you have files such as MP3 songs, JPG pictures, MP4 video clips, photo albums, heavy informal presentations, some interesting articles, and games in spreadsheets; it is better to store their backups in your big Gmail account of over 7 GB instead of letting them to occupy space on your computer’s hard disk. Apart from these files, you can also scan and email the daily stuff such as e-books, letters, and contracts. So, how you backup your vital files to Gmail? Well, it is done through the Backup to Email app, which is also called Send to Gmail.

About Backup To Email Application

This is a freeware program that allows backing up files to email easily and quickly. In fact, it is a single-click backup utility. Technically, the application resides in the contextual or shortcut menu in Windows. This means that you just have to right-click a file and select the Backup to Email option for sending it to your mail account with POP/SMTP access.

Installing The Backup To Email Application

Just visit the URL, and download the application. After downloading, just run its setup file to follow the typical installation process that is straightforward. Once this is done, just open the program and you will see a window that asks your Gmail credentials.

back up to email

However, I would recommend clicking the Advanced button that will show a window with Gmail settings and other options on the left. Now, sign into your Gmail account.

Backup to email advanced options

Once you have provided your user name and password, a message will appear indicating that you can now right-click a file for backup.

right click to backup

Did you notice that the app icon is visible in the System Tray?

Backup to email in system tray

Using The Backup to EMail Option

Open Windows Explorer and right-click a file that you want to backup. This will display a contextual menu in which you will see the Backup To EMail option.

back up to email

Just select this option and you will view the Progress window via which your file is being uploaded. Finally, click OK once the upload is over. Now, just open your Gmail account and you will see the file in your Inbox.

backup to email in process

The best part of this app is that it is able to recognize + for addresses. This means that if you have a labeled address such as [email protected], it will accept it and send the file to the backup label in your account. However, there is a limitation.

back up mail in inbox

The Backup To Email app automatically splits the files over 10MB and sends them as individual emails, which you might not like to have. Therefore, in this case, think of zipping the files and then sending them to Gmail. Isn’t it cool?

Have you used some other way of backing computer files to a mail account? Do share with us in your comments!