Beginner Geek: Remember Everything You See Online With Evernote for Chrome

Many times we come across well-written articles and pictures over the internet that maybe pertinent to our research. However, due to lack of time or inclination we bypass these only to regret later.

Most of us have experienced that it is difficult to come across the same article or picture over the web when required. This is where Evernote comes into picture. Using Evernote you can keep a track of all the interesting stuff you came across over the internet.

Evernote works as a notetaking device that keeps an eye on all the websites you browse. The feature is prominently used in Windows and Mac. However, it can also be installed in other browsers that use Evernote web application. Evernote allows the user to make short notes and even upload relevant images. These can be easily searched for later when required.

Evernote comes with feature of browser plugins that help attach the required content on the Evernote account. However, the latest version of Evernote by Chrome offers you more. Using the chrome extension one can easily find all the web attachments on the Evernote without accessing the Evernote application. Let’s see how this is possible.

How To Use The Evernote Chrome Extension?

Get started by installing the Evernote extension. If the extension is already there then update it by visiting relevant sites on the web. Restart the Chrome to access the updated features once the process of update is complete.

The Evernote logo will now be available in the Chrome toolbar. Login to your Evernote account using your username and password. You can even click on the ‘Remember me for a week’ box if you don’t want to key in your password every time you log in.

Features of Evernote

Once you have logged in to your Evernote account, you can start browsing. To take notes of the sites you visit, simply click on the Evernote icon.

A mini editor will pop up that will allow you to add information about the site. Alternatively, you can click on the SAVE button without keying in any additional info.

However, a good idea is to include brief information about the site as this will make it easy for you to find the site later. Prepare micro notes for the site, add tags to your notes and attach the entire web page to Evernote.

Clipping full web pages on the Evernote will give you access to them even if the internet is not connected. Evernote even gives you the freedom to attach entire pages from Office Live and Google Docs account. Normally, one can have access to these sites only with use of logins and passwords.

Evernote gives you the freedom of opening the web attachments from all the desktop programs with Evernote feature. These include Windows, OS X as well as Android, iOS and Windows mobile.


Evernote extension for Chrome is a useful feature that lets you use web material easily and at your convenience. The feature has made bookmarking a thing of the past since it allows addition of notes and tagging them. Sites saved on Evernote can even be opened on mobiles thus giving the feature a wide range of accessibility.