Best Office Applications For iPhone or iPod Touch

If you are one of the gizmo freaks who like to own stylish electronic items like the iPhone or the iPods, then you must be aware of the variety of applications that have been made for these gadgets.Your iPhone and iPod can help you with editing and managing your Office related work. Though not many in number, but being aware these applications is important. How will you use them if you are not educated about them at all?

Applications For Office Support

The first one we are going to talk about is Quickoffice. This Application allows you to access files from online storage services like Google Docs and Dropbox etc. You can edit and save them online itself. You can edit documents written in advanced applications and maintain the formatting when put back on the pc. Using Quickoffice you can access and browse documents on the nearby networks and add them to your iOS device.

Even a Quickoffice mobile suite is available for those who do not want to access documents from online storage services. Quickoffice application does not work very well with .XLSX formatted excel spreadsheets. Quickoffice is available for a reasonable price of $9.99 and if you do not need to edit documents directly online then this mobile suite is available only for $4.99.

The next one we are talking about is DocumentsToGo. This application apart from supporting other applications for official purpose also supports basic Microsoft Power Point editing. This is a big advantage as use of MS PowerPoint is quite high in professionals.

DocumentsToGosupports very basic editing so if you deal with to much details of Power Point, then please do not buy this application for the attraction of PowerPoint.DocumentsToGo lets the user experience the best interface for editing rich documents, also there are advanced document components like sidebars and images in the documents.

This great application reduces the number of taps you have to make to edit a document, and supports formatting more than any other application. This application is most popular in this segment of applications. DocumentsToGo comes at a price of $16.99 and if you buy a version which does not support PowerPoint then you thisapplication at just a price of $9.99. The price is a little high for the PowerPoint supporting version and is quite good for the standard DocumentsToGo version.

There is one more application called Office2. This is mentioned in the end because of its weak performance. This application might be the cheapest but does not maintain the formatting of the edited documents. Office2 is inefficient in displaying rich content documents and costs $5.99. If compared with Quickoffice then the standard version comes for $4.99, which is far better than the performance and varied nature of Office2.

Comparison Of the Applications

Let’s begin comparison with the file types supported by these applications. While DocumentsToGo supports PowerPoint also along with Excel and Word, Quickoffice and Office support the latter two. Both Quickoffice and DocumentsToGo are synchronized with the pc whereas, Office is not. DocumentsToGo leads in displaying rich text documents, Quickoffice is good and Office2 is poor.

Except for Office2 both the other applications preserve the formatting in the edited documents. Only DocumentsToGo support both Find and Replace feature, rest two support only Find.  DocumentsToGo by far seems to lead but is slower than Quickoffice and Office2. The problems with Quickoffice and Office2 are crashing of XLSX files and with Office2 for loosing rich formatting of edited files. If you see the price then, DocumentsToGo is most expensive. Quickoffice seems to be quite convincing in the price and features.