Block Or Allow Programs Your Child Uses With Parental Controls

In case of a PC at home, I am sure that your kids or those of your guests must be using it for surfing the Internet or playing games. However, today’s kids are smart; therefore, they do not limit themselves to play.

Indeed, they always tend to explore new things such as accessing system settings, changing the desktop appearance, and learning new software even if nobody is around to teach them.

Although you can block their access to system settings by creating proper user accounts for them, you will not be able to restrict them to run the programs without using third-party software until you use Windows Vista. This is because Windows Vista offers Parental Controls via which you can block access to programs. However, the question is that why would you prevent kids to use the installed programs on your computer? Well, let us check that out now!

Problem: Don’t Know How To Block Access To Some Programs

Let us assume a scenario wherein you have installed a budget-related program along with two project management programs. Now, you know that your kid access your laptop daily for exploring new programs or games that you install for him. However, you do not want him to open those budget- and project-related programs at any cost. This is perhaps because you do not want him to know about your financial condition along with the confidential project status. So, you are looking for a solution that can give you the power to block access to these programs.

Solution: Parental Controls Comes At Rescue

In the series of Windows, Vista is the first operating system to offer Parental Controls via which you not only can restrict the time to use the computer and sites to be viewed on the Internet, but can also specify which programs your kid can open. Once you do so, your child will be unable to open the programs even though she or he tries to run them. If the kid makes an attempt to open a blocked program, she or he will receive a popup message indicating that only an administrator can unblock this program.

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Implement The Solution: Allow or Block Programs Via Parental Controls

To do so, ensure that your child has a Standard user account. Here are the steps to block or allow programs with Parental Controls.

1. Ensure that you are logged in as administrator.

2. Open the Control Panel.

3. Click the Set up parental controls for any user link in the right panel.

4. Select the appropriate user account. It is obvious that this account should be of your kid.

5. Select the On, enforce current settings option.

6. Click the Allow and block specific programs link located below.

7. Select the second option that says the user can use only those programs that you allow. Now, Windows Vista scans and displays a list of programs.

8. Scroll through the list and select only the check boxes of those programs that your child can use.

Herein, selecting a check box means you are allowing the child to run the program, while a clear check box means you are blocking that program for your child.

9. Click OK twice.