Block Those Irritating Facebook Quiz & Application Messages

If using Facebook for sharing really entertaining and helpful stuff is one side of the coin, then using it for simply posting prattles for flooding somebody’s wall is its other side. While there is no doubt that one uses Facebook to share a lot of relevant stuff, it is yet a fact that your friends can mess up your Facebook wall with irritating application and silly quiz messages.

irritating facebook quiz

If this is what you are facing right now on your wall, you must have understood that how one can easily overuse Facebook connections. Well, the good news is that you regulate posting on your wall. This means that you can specify who should not post on your wall. Although it is true that you do not want to block everybody, you can still manage to get rid of these annoying application and quiz messages.

Disallow Friends To Post On Your Wall

This is an effective option if you want to get rid of a cluttered Facebook wall, especially if it is filled completely with useless and idiotic posts. It will work well in case you do not want anyone to post on your wall.

To disable the posting ability of all your friends, log on to your Facebook account, select Home –> Privacy Settings, and select Custom. The Custom Privacy dialog box appears wherein you can select the desired option from the combo box if you want some people to see the changes you made.

custom privacy settings

Finally, click the Save Setting button. However, in this case, you can skip this step and directly click the Edit Settings link of the How You Connect below. In its dialog box, select Only Me from the Who can post on your Wall combo box.

Now, none of your friends will be able to post on your wall. However, this is a very extreme measure that hinders the very aim of using Facebook by supporting no post by friends at all!

Prefer GreaseMonkey Add-On As An Alternative To The Above Option

This add-on works well for blocking all the idiotic application and quiz messages. However, you need to have Firefox for this add-on. It is useful when you do not want to disable your wall entirely for friends who really post useful messages.

To use the add-on, install it from and restart Firefox. Now, visit the Facebook Purity installation page at and click the Install button. This will show a prompt for script installation. That’s it!

grease monkey addon

Now, if you open your Facebook Wall, you will notice that the idiotic content is blocked and that a small link appears in the upper right area that can show you the hidden stuff.

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Impede Apps By Removing Them

If applications are irritating you with unwanted messages, consider removing them. At least, you will be able to protect your Facebook wall from cluttering due to nonsense application messages in which you are never interested.

To block or remove an application, log on to your Facebook account and select Home –> Account Settings –> Apps (from the left menu). Now, identify the unwanted apps and just click x against each of them on the right side. Voila! You will now no longer obtain any message from that application.

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