How To Bookmark RSS Feeds In Safari

There is a cutthroat competition between companies like Microsoft, Google to provide their users with the best browser. Many new browser features are introduced from time to time, to keep the users from shifting to a different browser. The Safari is one such browser that gives a healthy competition to the biggies like Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.

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One of the excellent features in Safari is the bookmarking RSS Feeds features. The good thing about this is that, the RSS Reader comes built-in with the browser. Therefore, you do not need to install any other RSS Reader separately. This should come as a breather to those surfers who are either new to the Feeds or do not know how to handle a RSS Reader.

The presence of a RSS Feed Reader makes it extremely easy to get your favorite articles straight in your inbox. There is no need to check out every single site on the list.

Bookmark RSS Feeds In Safari

The Need for Bookmarking

Let us admit that there is a growing number of interesting topics on the web and they are increasing every day. It indeed makes it difficult to keep a track of the favorite links and sites. Bookmarking is the solution for this problem. It will not only help you keep a record of your favorite sites, but will also relieve you off the need to remember the links.

How to Use a Bookmark in Safari

This is how you should use the bookmark option in Safari to make life easier for you.  Open the page you would like to bookmark and receive the RSS Feed from.


There is a RSS button to the right hand side of the address bar.

Clicking the button will open up RSS Feed site for that specific web page. Keep an eye on the RSS icon. It should change when you click the button.


There is the “+” button on the navigation bar. Click it. Key in the bookmark name, choose the location where you would like to save. Finally, click the “Add” button to complete the process. Now, navigate to the “Bookmark” menu. You can view the newest articles via the RSS.


Customize your Bookmark Bar

When you have learned to add sites to your bookmark bar and learnt to group them according to the topics, you may feel the need to customize the bookmark bar. In the long run, it will strike you that there are some sites sitting in the bookmark bar that you do not use now. Such names of the sites can be removed from the bookmark bar.

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When we say removing, it simply means, deleting the name of the web site from the list. For this, you can either Control-click the name of the web site or right-click on the name to delete it from the list.

Adding New Folder

To add a new folder to the bar, right-click only on the empty space on the bookmark bar. Select “New Folder” from the prompt. Give a related name to the folder in which you want to save the links.