CD & DVD Burning Tips

Even in today’s time of the World Wide Web, CDs and DVDs have not lost their significance of sharing videos, movies, and music with family and friends. In fact, many people yet prefer burning CDs and DVDs for unlimited entertainment rather than uploading the multimedia elements on the Web. Perhaps, this is because of the latter’s size limitation and additional cost involved in obtaining more storage space.

While burning a CD or DVD, the burn quality is among the vital factors that affect the final output. A high quality burning offered by a good burner signifies smooth display and low error rate after recording. While burning a disc is also easy for a child, it is yet vital to follow some CD & DVD burning tips so that you can entertain yourself and others uninterruptedly with the best-quality discs. So, here are some of the most useful CD & DVD burning tips.

Choose High Quality Disc

A disc with clean surface is always the desire of the burner. However, while buying discs, there are chances of buying defective pieces that feature stains, scratches, pinholes, and scuffs. One of the ways to avoid purchasing such a disc is to buy a branded optical media rather than sticking to the older discs that are cheaper.

If you are on a budget and have to choose between a single layer and double layer DVD, consider the size of files that you want to burn. If they are over 4.5 GB and you want to store all the content on one disc, prefer a double layer DVD although it is a bit costlier than a single layer DVD.

Handle the Disc in the Right Way

If you prefer cleaning the disc, avoid wiping it in a circular manner with hands or scrub. Although cleaning is not preferable because of the inherent risk of surface contamination (such as smearing and scratching), washing it with warm water and then drying it with a clean cloth in a radial way is fine for those who stress on cleansing.

Next, never touch the disc with hands, but handle it by stretching your hand to touch only the outer edge or by putting a finger in the middle hole. This is because dirt or fingerprints on the disc can reverse the process of quality burning. Further, store the discs in cases to avoid dust on them and write on them only with a felt-tip marker to avoid damage to the recording layer caused by other pens. Lastly, check the disc before burning for dust. If you find any, gently remove it with a filtered compressed duster instead of blowing using your mouth. These are some of the basic CD & DVD burning tips.

Give Priority to Sole Burning

This means that you need to turn off all other software including antivirus while burning a disc if you want the best output. This is because other programs might put a high pressure on the computer resources, which can affect the burning speed and quality. In case of resources with limited capabilities, prefer burning at a low speed.

Determine the Right Speed

Many people think that fast speed is essential for best quality. However, this belief is not right. According to the CD & DVD burning tips by experts, it is always good to burn discs at a moderate speed (nor fast nor slow) to obtain the best quality. For CD-Rs and DVDs, you must choose from the middle of the 8x to 12x and 4x to 8x ranges respectively.