Change Desktop Resolution With A Keyboard Shortcut

Are you from the ones who have to keep changing the desktop resolution for some reason? If yes, then I am sure that you will find this article quite useful. This is because in this article, you will come to know about a keyboard shortcut to do this task. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? So, are you keen to explore about it in detail? If yes, then continue reading

In general, a majority of users do not have to switch between the different screen resolutions available, especially in case of LCD monitors that look ideal only with the default resolution. However, professionals such as Web designers and projector users need to switch among the desktop resolutions so as to determine the best look for a Web site or presentation.

Further, if you are using a latest netbook that features a higher resolution that might not render crisp looks, you might have to change the resolution according to the needs of different programs. In these situations, you definitely need a keyboard shortcut for quick switching without accessing the menus as well as dialog boxes every now and then. We shall now explore as to which keyboard shortcut will aid in changing the desktop resolution.

Problem: Need To Capture Screenshots In Different Resolutions, Which Is Tiresome

Let us consider a scenario wherein you are a Technical writer in a company. You are working on a new project as a storyboard writer for designing some courses on Windows Vista and Windows 7. One of the key elements of the storyboard is an image that you need to provide for each screen. Now, it is obvious that you will have to take screenshots that will act as images.

Now, you have to fill up two templates for each screen of which one requires a screenshot of a lower resolution, while the other needs the same image, but at a higher resolution. So, you have to switch between the resolutions every now and then. This is actually quite tiresome. There should be some shortcut, right?

Solution: Create A Keyboard Shortcut With HotKey Resolution Changer

A better way to perform the above mentioned task is to use HotKey Resolution Changer (HRC) for creating a hotkey for each of the frequently used resolutions. HRC allows you to set hotkeys for nine different resolutions.

Implement The Solution: Download HRC

You need to first download HRC from, unzip it, and run its HRC.exe. The best part is that you don’t have to install it, as it will appear in the system tray as an icon. In Windows 7, you might have to click the arrow to view it, as it might be in the area of hidden tray icons.

Double-click the icon to open the application. By default, you will see two entries with default resolutions, refresh rate, and color depth.

To create a keyboard shortcut or a hotkey, click the Change button located just above the resolution. You can now enter the desired key combination, but make sure that it is not in use in other application or else the HRC’s key combination will override it.

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Finally, click Set once you are done. Repeat the same steps for the second entry as well. If you wish, you can change the refresh rate and color depth as well.

In case you want keyboard shortcuts for more resolutions, you can do so by clicking the Select number of HotKeys drop-down button located at the bottom-left.

Finally, let HRC run in the system tray so that you can enjoy using the keyboard shortcuts frequently.