Cleanup & Make The Windows Context Menu’s “New” Folder Open Faster

Cleaning up of items that are not in use will enhance your system performance. Also, you can decrease the time taken for loading applications in this way. Generally, many items could be found whenever you open Windows Context menu. You can find all of them located once you click on New folder. You can open the folder faster besides cleaning it up once you implement the below given steps.

How To Cleanup & Make The Windows Context Menu’s “New” Folder Open Faster

Create A New Folder On Your Desktop

Windows Context Menu’s “New” Folder Opening Faster

Navigate your mouse pointer to the empty location on your desktop screen. You now need to right-click to open a menu containing options such as “New” and then “Folder” as the sub-option. However, it takes more time for you to implement this procedure because of the availability of various other menu items that you hardly or never use.

Place Your Mouse Pointer At A Specific Location Before Clicking

Windows Context Menu’s “New” Folder Opening Faster

It is rather interesting to know the way the menu list pops up once you right-click on the screen. There are situations wherein it opens towards its left, if you are more close to the right of the screen and vice-versa. The same is considered for the top and bottom aspects as well.

Clear Unnecessary Items From The Menu List

So, it all depends upon the exact point from where you are right-clicking. It is not always possible to concentrate on the position. One of the alternatives available to deal with such a tricky situation is to delete all those items that you no longer use.

Include ShellNewHandler File To The System

Windows Context Menu’s “New” Folder Opening Faster

Download a slick utility known as ShellNewHandler for clearing up the disk space by removing all those unused items from the list. It is a small executable file that never needs to be installed and you can consider porting as per your need. Access the ShellNewHandler.exe file and check out all those menu items from the Context menu that not needed by your anymore.

By performing the above steps, you will be able to successfully remove all those items resulting in the faster loading of the menu like never before. However, you can still find “Briefcase” still existing in the list. Following the below given procedure will let you remove it as well.

Remove The Briefcase From Registry

Windows Context Menu’s “New” Folder Opening Faster

Performing a simple step will allow you to remove the Briefcase from the Windows Context menu as well. For this feature, you need to open the Registry library by entering “regedit” command into the “Search” box after clicking the Start menu.

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Delete The Corresponding Key For Briefcase

Windows Context Menu’s “New” Folder Opening Faster

After entering into the Registry, locate HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Briefcase to remove Briefcase. You can access this directly by going to Edit \ Find and enter “Briefcase” in the area. Expand the Briefcase folder to remove the ShellNew sub-key and its values.

Windows Context Menu’s “New” Folder Opening Faster

The above steps will allow you to remove Briefcase after clicking on “Yes”. You will now be able to find that the Context menu is clear of all the items with just the “New” and “Folder” options available. The above steps will ensure that the windows context menu’s new folder opens faster.