Clear Browsing History In Firefox With A Keyboard Shortcut

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most famous browsers in the world. This itself means that there are several people who access Internet via Firefox. Despite this popularity, there are some things that need improvement of which one is to clear the browsing history, a task that must be made possible on demand.

At present, one can clear the history items in Firefox manually. In addition, there are some settings for deleting the browser history, but for them to work, you need to either wait for some days or at least until the browser is closed.

You might not be worried of browser history if you are using the Private Browsing Mode. However, even if you are habituated to use the private mode, there are chances that you might one day forget to use it. Moreover, not all of us tend to use this mode every now and then, which means the browser history is surely going to grow up.

So, shouldn’t there be a simple and quick way to clear browsing history in Firefox while it is still open? How about one-click all-clear idea? Well, in that case, I am sure you will love to use the Clear History add-on that offers you a keyboard shortcut to clear browsing history in Firefox.

How To Obtain The Clear History Add-On

Just like any other browser add-on, you will have to download the latest version of the Clear History add-on from On this page, you will come across the different versions of the add-on, but it is recommended to download the latest one.

clear history addon

What To Do After Downloading

Well, now you only have to restart Firefox. That’s it! When you restart the browser, you will see a new option in the History menu, which you perhaps wanted the most! This is the Clear history option that is present along with the keyboard shortcut, Meta + Alt + C. So, you are all set to enjoy the one-click, all-clear option! Either click this option or press the key combination and you get rid of your browser’s history in a second.

clear history addon

Now, I have a question – why would you use this add-on even though Firefox allows you to clear history in more than way? I am purposely asking you this question after explaining how to use the add-on so that you can understand its time-saving significance/on-demand ability with regards to the browser history removal, which no other built-in setting/option offers. Well, we shall now justify the need of having this extension.

Why Use The Clear History Extension Instead Of The Built-In Settings/Options

The most common way to clear browsing history in Firefox is to delete the history manually from the History Menu or from the History Sidebar. However, are these ways efficient or feasible? Another known way of deleting the browser’s history is to change the Privacy Options.

deleting mozilla history

To do so, you need to open the Options dialog box and access the Privacy tab. Here, you have three options: Firefox will combo-box for selecting the Never remember history option, Remember my browsing history for at least _ days check box, and Clear history when Firefox closes check box.

mozilla firefox privacy options

 The third option deletes everything right from cookies to search history but you have to wait until the browser closes, while the second option makes you wait for the specified number of days. Further, the first option is something that you might not want to have, as you might want to store history for some hours.

delete mozilla firefox history

Therefore, you need an on-demand solution for deleting browser history and that can be none other than the shortcut offered by the Clear History add-on.