Complete Guide To Keyword Shortcuts To Search Sites In Google Chrome

If you have started to read this article, I am sure that either you spend much time for searching in Chrome or want to make Chrome browsing more efficient. Well, it’s a fact that most of us do search and wish for efficient browsing. However, browsing and searching with Chrome is much like turning just a magical wand to get the work done.

As you might anticipate for any Google tool or app, Chrome offers an extremely easy and quick way to search sites by assigning and using distinct search keywords. Moreover, unlike other browsers, Chrome makes it very simple to add search engines, as it automatically inserts every new search site as a new search engine.

google chrome search sites

So, the best part is that there is no need to insert a new search engine manually. However, if at all there is a site that Chrome does not pick automatically, the manual addition is really quick and easy. So, let us check out these simple ways of searching in Chrome.

Viewing Search Engines That Chrome Automatically Allows You to Search With

This is necessary to know as Chrome automatically adds the sites on which you search to the search engines list. If you want to view the different search engines that Chrome allow searching via them automatically, right-click the Address bar after which you need to select the Edit search engines option.

edit search engines

This will display the Search Engines page that shows a list of search engines automatically added by Chrome.

google chrome search engines option

The first half of the page shows the Default search options that were included from the corresponding list in the Search section of the Options page accessible by select Wrench --> Options.

manage search engines

On the other hand, the remaining half displays other search engines that the browser have automatically added while you had performed a search on those sites. You can remove any search engine or edit it by simply selecting it. Further, you can also change the default search engine by selecting the desired one and clicking Make default.

making a site a default search engine

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Adding And Using A Search Engine With Keyword/Shortcut In Chrome

If you want to add your favorite site’s search to Chrome, here’s how to do so. Start by visiting the site and performing a searching on it. This will make the browser to generate a search keyword automatically for the site. If at all this does not happen, you can do it manually. To do so, in the Address bar, spot your search query and replace it with %s.

using a search engine with a keyword

Now, open the Search Engines page and scroll down until you see a row of blank boxes. Next, specify the address of the site in the first field, enter a suitable a keyword (suitable name) in the second box, and copy and paste the URL with %s in the third field.

Using A Search Engine With Keyword

Voila! You have added a new search engine to Chrome. Now, you need not have to go to the site and search. Just enter the site name or keyword, press Tab, and search for a specific entity in that site right from the Address bar of Chrome.

Open Your Frequently Visited Site With A Keyword

If you wish to see your favorite site in just a second, you can do so via a keyword. Just add the site to the list of search engines as above, but this time, enter the normal address of the site in the third field.

opening favourite site in google chrome

Now, in the Address bar, enter your keyword to open the site.

Have you ever tried this out? Let us know in your comments!